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Oceanography jobs

Source article

Ries Laboratory

Published By

Dr. Dick van der Wateren


Oceanography, Geochemistry, Climate Change, job announcement, Postdoctoral fellow

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Postdoctoral research opportunities in marine calcification – Ocean acidification and global ocean-climate change

10.12.2010, Age: 3971 days

The Ries Laboratory in the Department of Marine Sciences at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill seeks a postdoctoral fellow interested in conducting NSF-funded research on the relationship between global ocean-climate change and marine calcification, to begin Fall 2011.

Research will include field investigations of modern (e.g., coral reefs) and/or ancient (e.g., limestones) carbonate systems coupled with laboratory calcification experiments. This opportunity affords access to state-of-the-art analytical equipment, including LA-ICPMS for trace element analysis, XRD for mineralogical characterization, isotope mass spectrometry for δ34S, δ13C, and δ18O, and SEM with microprobe for micro-imaging and elemental mapping. Highly motivated and creative individuals with strong analytical skills are encouraged to apply. Please send a letter of interest, your CV, contact information for 4 references, and reprints of at least 3 publications to Prof. Justin Ries at riesjustin@gmail.com before January 1, 2011.

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