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Solar minimum stops global warming. Not

23.06.2011, Age: 3778 days

There is good evidence from different independent sources indicating that the Sun will be going into a period of minimum activity. For some this spells an end to global warming, confirming what they already knew: global warming is a hoax. Yet, will decreasing solar activity really be enough to halt the present atmospheric warming trend and all its side effects? See for yourself and read the scientific arguments.

Dan Satterfield's blog Good Science and Junk Science:

"The patently ridiculous claim on a Fox News website that global cooling is coming, along with a frozen picture of the statue of Liberty. Yes, there are some indications that the sun may go into an exceptionally quiet period like the famous Maunder minimum back in the 1700′s. Buried in the story is the truth but what they do not tell you is that even if the sun goes quiet the amount of cooling would be minuscule compared to the warming influence of greenhouse gases."

In his Climate Progress blog Sadly, If Sun Goes Into ‘Hibernation' It Won't Stop Catastrophic Global Warming, But It Might Put the Deniers in Hibernation Joe Romm cites Georg Feulner and Stefan Rahmstorf in their 2010 paper in Geophysical Research Letters:

"In summary, global mean temperatures in the year 2100 would most likely be diminished by about 0.1°C."

And even then: solar activity may not decrease after all according to critical comments from within the solar science community. See e.g.: A Solar Scientist Rebuts a Cool Sunspot Prediction by Andy Revkin (NYT).

See also Richard Black's blog Solar predictions bring heat and light (BBC News).

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