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Aussie Climate Change website focuses on science and policy

15.06.2011, Age: 3786 days

The Australian website The Conversation ("Academic rigour, journalistic flair") recently started publication of an initiative by Australian climate scientists to clear the climate debate from misinformation, myths and personal attacks. They aim to not only communicate the state of climate change science, but also support greener policies.

The Conversation adresses the general public as well as policymakers in a very readable style, explaining difficult concepts without the use of jargon. The scientists behind this website thus offer a reliable source of information to counter the attacks and misinformation by various groups of climate skeptics.

In his contribution to The Conversation "The greenhouse effect is real: here's why" Karl Braganza, Manager of Climate Monitoring at The Bureau of Meteorology, very clearly explains the science behind global warming. This is how he ends his piece:

"Case closed

The climate of Earth is now a closely monitored thing; from instruments in space, in the deep ocean, in the atmosphere and across the surface of both land and sea.

It's now practically certain that increasing greenhouse gases have already warmed the climate system.

That continued rapid increases in greenhouse gases will cause rapid future warming is irrefutable."

The Conversation's Charter states that

"We will:

Unlock the knowledge and expertise of researchers and academics to provide the public with clarity and insight into society’s biggest problems.

Give experts a greater voice in shaping scientific, cultural and intellectual agendas by providing a trusted platform that values and promotes new thinking and evidence-based research.

Provide a fact-based and editorially-independent forum, free of commercial or political bias.

Create an open site for people around the world to share best practices and collaborate on developing smart, sustainable solutions.

Ensure quality, diverse and intelligible content reaches the widest possible audience by employing experienced editors to curate the site.

Ensure the site’s integrity by only obtaining non-partisan sponsorship from education, government and private partners. Any advertising will be relevant and non-obtrusive."

We are looking forward to more contributions by The Conversation scientists.

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