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Damaged houses after the January 2011 earthquake in Yunnan, China.

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Earthquake Report

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Dr. Dick van der Wateren



Earthquake, Geohazards, China, Prevention

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China: earthquake awareness and preparedness saves lives

02.02.2011, Age: 3917 days

Tuesday, February 1, a Magnitude 4.8 earthquake shook the border region of China and Myanmar SW China, caused widespread damage, no casualties.

In a region still recovering from the damaging January 1 2011 earthquake, a new moderate earthquake damaged nearly 700 houses, affecting more than 80,000 people, as reported by  the China Earthquake Networks Centre. So far, there have been no casualties and very few injuries. Although the earthquake was relatively mild (the January one was even weaker), local geological and geomorphological conditions make the area very vulnerable to earthquake damage.

Arguably the one major factor preventing large-scale loss of lives and rapid recovery in China is the high degree of geohazard awareness and preparedness with the population as well as with the authorities. China has a countrywide network of seismological bureaus, and quick disaster management teams.

In the meantime, nearly 65,000 people have been evacuated from the area.

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