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Christchurch Quake Map

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University of Canterbury's Digital Media Group (Christchurch, New Zealand).

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Christchurch Quake Map

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Dr. Dick van der Wateren


Earthquake Hazards, Earthquake, New Zealand, Map, Visualisation

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Christchurch Quake Map, animation of 5000 earthquakes

23.02.2011, Age: 3896 days

A very cool time-lapse animation, which shows all earthquakes and aftershocks on South Island, New Zealand, starting with the M 7.1 earthquake of September 2010.

Paul Nicholls of the University of Canterbury developed this new visualisation, which discloses a database of 4956 earthquakes around Christchurch in a very compelling way. While the clock is running, Earthquakes appear on a Google map as circles with size and colour according to their magnitude and depth, respectively.

From the makers:

"The Christchurch Quake Map on this website aims to present a time-lapse visualisation of the earthquake and its aftershocks, primarily to help those outside the affected area understand what those of us in Canterbury are experiencing."

For news updates and further information, see the official site managed by Environment Canterbury:

Canterbury Earthquake - Response information about the 22nd February 2011 earthquake in Canterbury, New Zealand.

On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ChristchurchQuakeMap.

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