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Moorlands in Staffordshire, England

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Inter Research - Climate Research

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M.Sc. Armand van Wijck


climate change, uplands, peat, climate research, Great Britain, ecosystems

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Climate change in the British Uplands

16.12.2010, Age: 3965 days

The Inter-Research Science Center will publish a special issue of the Climate Research (CR) Journal by the end of this year. It will highlight climate change in relation with the British Uplands.

CR is an environmental journal which invites papers on all aspects of the interactions of climate with organisms, ecosystems and human societies.

The CR Special on 'Climate Change and the British Uplands' presents a synthesis of current knowledge to help inform policy decisions about safeguarding ecosystem service provision. Work was carried out through a joint project co-funded by the Environment Agency and the Natural Environment Research Council's QUEST program, which established a knowledge exchange network combining scientists and policy makers.

Topics covered include changing upland climates, mapping blanket peat vulnerability to climate change, measuring and modelling change in peatland carbon stocks, and managing upland ecosystem services under a changing climate.

Articles belonging to this CR Special are pre-published online in unpaginated form as soon as they are ready. Once the CR Special is complete, it will be paginated and published as an issue of Climate Research.

The editors of 'Climate Change and the British Uplands' are: J.M. Clark, A.V. Gallego-Sala, J.I. House, H.G. Orr, C. Freeman, I.C. Prentice, P. Smith, M.A. Semeno.

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