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BGS 2011

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Asssociation of Hungarian Geophysicists



Geophysics, Seismology, Climate Change, Environmental Geophysics, lithosphere, Conference, Mineral Exploration, Balkan Geophysical Society, CO2 Geological Storage, Engineering Geophysics, Cultural Heritage, Radioactive Waste Disposal, Water Prospecting, Oil and Gas Exploration, Seismological Observation

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Call for Papers: 6th Conf. of Balkan Geophysical Society

25.05.2011, Age: 3767 days

Budapest, 3-6 October, 2011 The Call for Papers is open now. The submission deadline is 1 July 2011

 We are honoured to invite you to attend the 6th Conference and Exhibition of Balkan Geophysical Society, taking place in Budapest, 3-6 October, 2011. It is our privilege now to host this traditional triennial event, aiming to bring together multi-disciplinary geoscientists, colleagues, friends of our region. It is hoped that the scope of the offered technical topics are wide enough and, at the same time, focused on some of the most specific regional geophysical problems of common interest, to attract a significant and growing number of participants to this event, to share ideas on research, emerging technologies, new approaches and the sustainability of our development.

Some of our primary targets were to maintain high technical standards and offer an affordable participation, especially for active and younger colleagues.

We sincerely look forward to meeting you at BGS Conference and Exhibition in Hungary, in October this year.

Topics of the Congress

Climate Changes and Mitigation
CO2 Geological Storage
Earth Structure and Geodynamics
Engineering Geophysics
Environmental Geophysics
Geophysics and Cultural Heritage
Geothermal Energy Prospecting
Lithosphere Geophysics
Mineral Exploration: New Concepts and Results
Oil and Gas Exploration: Directions and Potentials
Public Domain Database Management
Radioactive Waste Disposal
Seismological Observation and Interpretation
Unconventional Energy Resources
Water Prospecting

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