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Source: ExploreVolcanoesNow

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Grimsvötn volcano erupting.

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Seismicity under Vatnajökull sign of new eruption?

08.02.2011, Age: 3913 days

Almost a year after ash clouds from Eyaflakkajökull stopped all air traffic in northern Europe, it seems that an other Icelandic volcano is about to erupt.

Recent seismic activity indicates that magma is rising beneath the Vatnajökull, Iceland's main icecap. According to Icelandic Met Office geologist Dr Sigurlaugar Hjaltadóttir volcanoes Grímsvötn and Bardarbunga in the northeastern part of Vatnajökull may erupt within the next year.

Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog comments: "But she might be referring to is that a earthquake activity in the area might be increasing because of Grímsfjall volcano and Bárðarbunga volcano interaction. But it remains be seen if that is the case or not here."

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