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Dr. Ryuji Shimura (Japan)

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Date Publication
2003 Article: Nitrate toxicity on visceral organs of Medaka fish, oryzias latipes: Aiming to raise fish from egg to egg in space.
Shimura, R., Ma, Y. X., Ijiri, K., Nagaoka, S. and Uchiyama, M.
Biol. Sci. Space, 18, 7-12
2002 Article: Aquatic animal research in space station and its issues – Focus support technology on nitrate toxicity.
Shimura, R, Ijiri, K., Mizuno, R. and Nagaoka, S.
Adv. Space Res., 30, 803-808
2000 Article: Long-term water environment study in a compact life support system for medaka – Focusing nitrate toxicity.
Shimura, R., Motoki, S., Mizuno, R., Ijiri, K. and Nagaoka, S.
. Proc. of 22th Int. Symp. on Space Tech. and Sci., Volume II, 2039-2043
1999 Article: Application of nitrifying and denitrifying processes to waste management of aquatic life support in space.
Shimura, R., Kumagai, H., Kozu, H., Motoki, S., Ijiri, K. and Nagaoka, S.
Sci. Space, 13, 351-360.
1998 Article: Development of space-use biofilter for aquatic animals – Studies on nitrification and denitrification under aerobic condition.
Shimura, R. and Motoki, S.
J. Jpn. Soc. Microgravity Appl., 15, Supplement II, 608-612

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