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Dr. Mira Morovic (Croatia)

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Date Publication
30.06.2011 Article: Oil Spill Monitoring in the Croatian Adriatic Waters: needs and possibilities
M. Morovic and A. Ivanov
Acta Adriatica, 52 (1), 45-56
2010 Article: Spatial and temporal variability of transparency in the eastern Adriatic Sea
M. Morović, R. Precali, B. Grbec, S. Matijević
Fresenius environmental bulletin, 19 (9), 1862-1868
2009 Article: Physical and chemical properties of the water column and sediments at the sea bass / sea bream farm in the middle Adriatic (MaslinovA Bay)
S. Matijević, G. Kušpilić, M. Morović, B. Grbec, D. Bogner, S. Skejić, J. Veža
Acta Adriatica, 50 (1), 59-76
2009 Article: Planktonic cnidarians in the open southern Adriatic Sea: A comparison of historical and recent data
D. Lučić, A. Benović, I. Onofri, M. Batistić, B. Gangai, M. Miloslavić, V. Onofri, J. Njire, I. Brautović, D. Bojanić Varezić, M. Morović, T. Kogovšek
Annales series historia naturalis, 19, 27-38
2009 Article: West Adriatic coastal water excursions into the East Adriatic
I. Vilibić, J.W. Book, G. Beg Paklar, M. Orlić, V. Dadić, M. Tudor, P.J. Martin, M. Pasarić, B. Grbec, F. Matić, H. Mihanović, M. Morović
Journal of Marine Systems, 78 (S1), S132-S156
2009 Article: Diel vertical migration of medusae in the open Southern Adriatic Sea over a short time period (July 2003)
D. Lučić, A. Benović, M. Morović, M. Batistić, I. Onofri
Marine Ecology - An Evolutionary Perspective, 30 (1), 16-32
2009 Article: The relationship between the atmospheric variability and productivity in the Adriatic Sea area.
B. Grbec, M. Morović, G. Kušpilić, S. Matijević, F. Matić, G. Beg Paklar, Ž Ninčević
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United King, 8, 1549-1558
2008 Article: Characteristics of the Sediment Along the Eastern Adriatic Coast (Croatia)
S. Matijević, D. Bogner, M. Morović, V. Tičina, B. Grbec
Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 17 (10B), 1763-1772
2008 Article: Optical Characterization of the Eastern Adriatic Waters
M. Morović, B. Grbec, F. Matić, M. Bone, S. Matijević
Fresenius environmental bulletin., 17 (10B), 1679-1687
2008 Article: Impact of the Climatic Change on the Adriatic Sea Ecosystem
B. Grbec, M. Morović, J. Dulčić, I. Marasović, Ž. Ninčević
Fresenius Environmental Bulletin., 17 (10A), 1615-1620
2007 Article: Response of the Adriatic Sea to the atmospheric anomaly in 2003
B. Grbec, I. Vilibić, A. Bajić, M. Morović, G. Beg Paklar, F. Matić, V. Dadić
Annales Geophysicae - Atmospheres Hydrospheres & Space Sciences, 25 (4), 835-846
2007 Article: On the occurrence of ocean sunfish Mola mola and slender sunfish Ranzania laevis in the Adriatic Sea
J. Dulčić, G. Beg Paklar, B. Grbec, M. Morović, F. Matić, L. Lipej
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 87 (3), 789-796
2006 Article: Automatic meteo-ocean station (AMOS): real-time data acquisition, validation, archiving and numerical modeling
V. Dadić, M. Bone, G. Beg Paklar, B. Grbec, D. Ivanković, F. Matić, M. Morović
Acta Adriatica, 47, 133-148
2006 Article: Surface fluxes and thermohaline variability over the ADRICOSM polygon Pelješac-Vis-Drvenik
B. Grbec, V. Dadić, F. Matić, M. Morović, G. Beg Paklar, D. Ivanković
Acta Adriatica, 47, 97-111
2006 Article: South Adriatic phenomena observable through VOS XBT and other ADRICOSM data
M. Morović, F. Matić, B. Grbec, V. Dadić, D. Ivanković
Acta Adriatica, 46 (1), 33-49

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