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Dr. Fabrizio Ungaro (Italy)

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Date Publication
2010 Article: Regional impacts of abolishing direct payments: An integrated analysis in four European regions
S. Uthes , A. Piorr, P. Zander, A.j Kedziora, F. Ungaro, T. Dalgaard, M. Stolze, H. Moschitz, C.Schader, K. Happe, A. Sahrbacher, M. Damgaard, V. Toussaint, C. Sattler, F.-J. Reinhardt, C. Kjeldsen, L. Casini, K. Müller
Agricultural Systems, doi:10.1016/j.agsy.2010.07.003
2010 Article: A field study of the impact of different irrigation practices on herbicide leaching.
G. Fait, M. Balderacchi, F. Ferrari, F. Ungaro, E. Capri, M. Trevisan
European Journal of Agronomy, doi:10.1016/j.eja.2010.02.001
2010 Article: Assessing and mapping topsoil organic carbon stock at regional scale: a scorpan kriging approach conditional on soil map delineation and land use.
F. Ungaro, F. Staffilani, P. Tarocco
Land Degradation and Development, 21, 565-581
2009 Article: Integrated assessment of future CAP policies: land use changes, spatial patterns and targeting
A. Piorr, F. Ungaro, A. Ciancaglini, K. Happe, A. Osuch, C. Sattler, S. Uthes, P. Zander
Environmental Policy and Science, doi:10.1016/j.envsci.2009.01.001
2008 Article: Arsenic concentration in the soils of the Brenta Plain (Northern Italy): mapping the probability of exceeding contamination threshold.
F. Ungaro, F. Ragazzi, R. Cappellin, P. Giandon
Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 96/2-3, 117-131
2005 Article: Quantifying spatial uncertainty of soil organic matter indicators using conditional sequential simulations: a case study in Emilia Romagna plain (Northern Italy)
F. Ungaro, C. Calzolari, P. Tarocco, A. Giapponesi, G. Sarno
Canadian Journal of Soil Science, 85, 499-510
2005 Article: Development of pedotransfer functions using a group method of data handling for the soil of the Pianura Padano-Veneta region of North Italy. Water retention properties
F. Ungaro, C. Calzolari, E. Busoni
Geoderma, 124, 193-217
2003 Article: Crop yield reduction estimation using the FAO-CROPWAT model: a case study in Southern Chad
B.O. Gaouna, D. Stroppiana, P. Sarfatti, F. Ungaro
Journal of Agriculture and Environment for International Development, 97, 139-164
2001 Article: Using existing soil databases for estimating water-retention properties for soils of the Pianura Padano-Veneta region of North Italy
F. Ungaro, C. Calzolari
Geoderma, 99, 99-112
1999 Article: Combined spatial and Kalman filter estimation of optimal soil hydraulic properties
A. Cahill, F. Ungaro, M.B. Parlange, M. Mata, D. Nielsen
Water Resources Research, 35, 1079-1088
1998 Article: Calzolari, C. and Ungaro, F. 1998. Geomorphic features of a badland (biancane) area (Central Italy): characterization, distribution and quantitative spatial analisys.
C. Calzolari, F. Ungaro
Catena, 31, 237-256

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