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Dr. Edmondo Di Giuseppe (Italy)

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Date Publication
2013 Article: Functional clustering for Italian climate zones identification
E. Di Giuseppe · G. Jona Lasinio · S. Esposito · M. Pasqui
Theor Appl Climatol
DOI: 10.1007/s00704-012-0801-0
09.2012 Article: Local Spatial Modeling of Meteorological Variables
M. Mucciardi, P. Bertuccelli, E. Di Giuseppe
Advances in Mathematical and Computational Methods, 2, 1-14
DOI: doi.10.5729/amcm.vol2.issue3.1
21.02.2012 Conference Proceedings: Point Processes for modeling lightning data
Di Giuseppe E., Jona Lasinio G., Pasqui M., Esposito S.
ISBN: 978-84-8363-924-5
12.07.2010 Conference Proceedings: A functional data approach for climate zones identification
Di Giuseppe E., Jona Lasinio G., Esposito S. and Pasqui M.
IMSC Proceedings

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