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Dr. Tobias Otto (Netherlands)

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Latest Blog Posts

  • 03.11.2017: Multi-Scale Urban Flood Forecasting (MUFFIN) Campaign

    TU Delft is participating in the MUFFIN campaign (Multi-Scale Urban Flood Forecasting: From Local Tailored Systems to a Pan-European Service) aiming to study urban flood forecasting from a multi-scale multi-disciplinary perspective, that is from the point of view of different scientific, technological and social disciplines. TU Delft is represented by the Atmospheric Remote Sensing Group collaborating with [...]
    Source: http://atmos.weblog.tudelft.nl

  • 13.09.2017: The 38th AMS Conference on Radar Meteorology in Chicago, USA

    The 38th  AMS Conference on Radar Meteorology held in Chicago, USA, on 27th  August – 1st September 2017.  Marc Schleiss, Christine Unal and Jiapeng Yin presented this conference. Three oral presentations and two posters from TU Delft ATMOS group were shown during the conference. Marc Schleiss made a presentation titled “Probabilistic Radar Nowcasting Based on [...]
    Source: http://atmos.weblog.tudelft.nl

  • 27.06.2017: Geoscience and Remote Sensing Poster Day

    The Geoscience & Remote Sensing (GRS) Department organised a poster session held on May 12th at the CiTG building. The aims of the poster day were to stimulate interaction and collaboration among the GRS staff and students and to promote our department to the wider CiTG. The session was very lively and hosted over 30 [...]
    Source: http://atmos.weblog.tudelft.nl

  • 26.05.2017: New Publication about a Clutter Suppression Technique for Operational Polarimetric Weather Radar

    Narrow-band Clutter Mitigation in Spectral Polarimetric Weather Radar Abstract: In this paper, a new clutter suppression method named the moving double spectral linear depolarization ratio (MDsLDR) filter is put forward to mitigate narrow-band clutter in weather radars. The narrow-band clutter observed in the Doppler domain includes: 1) stationary clutter such as ground clutter and 2) [...]
    Source: http://atmos.weblog.tudelft.nl

  • 12.05.2017: EGU 2017

    The EGU general assembly in Vienna, 8-13 April 2017 is a Conference for all scientist interested in geophysical topics. Over 14000 people attended this conference, coming from all over the world. Off-course, the ATMOS group and the GRS department were also represented. Some Highlights: The GRS group at the EGU (Not including Stephanie Ruslie and [...]
    Source: http://atmos.weblog.tudelft.nl

  • 12.05.2017: Aerosols, clouds, and our OMI aerosol height work at the 3rd NASA A-Train symposium and EGU 2017

    Following the past symposia in Lille, France in 2007 and in New Orleans in 2010, the 3rd NASA A-Train symposium was held on 19-21 April in Pasadena (California, USA). The NASA A-Train is a unique afternoon constellation including a high value series of instruments (Aqua (2002), Aura (2004), PARASOL (2004), CALIPSO (2006), CloudSat (2006), GCOM-W1 [...]
    Source: http://atmos.weblog.tudelft.nl

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