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Dr. Ramin Kiamehr (Iran, Islamic Republic of)

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Date Publication
2010 Book: Engineering Surveying
R. Kiamehr
AZU Publication Centre
2010 Article: An Optimum Way to Determine a Precise Gravimetric Geoid Model based on the Least-Squares Modification of Stokes’s Formula- A case study of Sweden
R. Kiamehr and Sjöberg L.E.
J. Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica
2009 Article: Qualification and refinement of the gravity database based on Cross-Validation approach, A case study of Iran
R. Kiamehr
J. Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica, 285-295, 42(3)
2009 Article: The New Gravimetric Quasigeoid Model KTH08 over Sweden
Ågren J., Sjöberg LE., Kiamehr R.
Journal of Applied Geodesy
2008 Article: General geophysical patterns in Iran based on GRACE gradient component analysis
Kiamehr R., Eshagh M., Sjöberg L.E.
J Acta Geophysica, 440-454, 56(2)
2008 Article: EGMlab, a scientific software for determining the gravity and gradient components from global geopotential models, J Earth Science Informatics
Kiamehr R. and Eshagh M.
J Earth Science Informatics, 93-103, 1(2)
2008 Article: Estimating of variance components of ellipsoidal, orthometric and geoidal heights through the GPS/levelling Network in Iran
Kiamehr R. and Eshagh M.
J. Physics of Earth and Space, 1-13, 34(3)
2008 Article: Ambiguity Resolution Techniques Using Syntactic Data, Case Study: Comparison of the LAMBDA and KTH Methods
R. Kiamehr
Iranian Journal of Science & Technology, Transaction B, Engineering, 32(B5, 519-530
2007 Article: A new height datum for Iran based on combination of the Gravimetric and GPS/levelling geoid models
R. Kiamehr
J. Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica, 69-81., . 42.2007.1.4
2007 Article: A Strategy for Optimum Designing of the Geodetic Networks from the Cost, Reliability and Precision Views
M. Eshagh and R. Kiamehr
J. Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica, 297-308., 42(3)
2007 Article: Evaluation of robust techniques in suppressing the impact of outliers in a deformation monitoring network – A case study on the Tehran Milad tower network
Eshagh M., Sjöberg L.E., Kiamehr R
J. Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica, 449-463, 42(4)
2006 Book: Dynamics Planet, (Book Chapter)
R. Kiamehr
2006 Article: A strategy for determining the regional geoid in developing countries by combining limited ground data with satellite-based global geopotential and topographical models: A case study of Iran
R. Kiamehr
J. Geodesy, 79(10,11):, 602–612
2006 Article: A Hybrid precise gravimetric geoid model for Iran based on recent GRACE and SRTM data and the least squares modification of Stokes formula
R. Kiamehr
J. Physics of Earth and Space,, 32(1), 7-23
2006 Article: Impact of the precise geoid model in studying tectonic structures- A case study in Iran
Kiamehr, R., and L.E. Sjöberg, 2006
J. Geodynamics, 1-11, 42(1-3)
2006 Article: The Impact of the lateral density variation model in determination of the precise gravimetric geoid in mountainous areas: A case study of Iran
Kiamehr, R. and Sjöberg
Geophysical Journal International,, :521–527, 167(2)
2005 Article: Surface Deformation Patterns Analysis Using 3D Finite Elements Method: A case study in Skåne area, Sweden
Kiamehr, R. and Sjöberg, L.E.
J. Geodynamics, 39(4):, 403-412
2005 Article: Comparison of the qualities of recent global and local gravimetric geoid models in Iran
Kiamehr, R. and Sjöberg
J. Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica, 49(3), :289-304
2003 Article: The estimation of relative accuracy of GPS/levelling in Iran (In Persian)
R. Kiamehr
J Sepehr, Journal of Iranian National Geography Organization (NGO), 11(42):, 13-15.
1997 Article: Landslide Monitoring by Using Geodetic Methods, A Case Study: Barekan, Taleghan Area
R. Kiamehr
J Geographical Research, 47:, (67-77)
1996 Article: Comparison of surveying & geodesy software, (In Persian)
R. Kiamehr
J Sepehr (Scientific Journal of Iranian National Geography Organization
1995 Article: Geographic information system and Natural resources management (In Persian)
R. Kiamehr
Journal of Sonboleh, 8(76):, 58-60
1994 Article: Risk analysis of earthquake using strain analyze of geodetic monitoring network (In Persian)
R. Kiamehr
Journal of Sepehr (Scientific Journal of Iranian National Geography Organization, 12 (3):, 9–13.

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