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Dr. Laszlo Fodor (Hungary)

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Date Publication
2008 Article: Miocene emplacement and rapid cooling of the Pohorje pluton at the Alpine-Pannonian-Dinaric junction: a geochronological and structural study.
Fodor, L. I., Gerdes, A., Dunkl, I., Koroknai, B., Pécskay, Z., Trajanova, M., Horváth, P., Vrabec, M., Jelen, B., Balogh, K., Frisch, W.
Swiss Journal of Earth Sciences, 101 Supplement 1, 255–271
DOI: 10.1007/s00015-008-1286-9
2007 Book Section: Segment linkage and stress field in transtensional strike-slip fault array: Field examples from the Pannonian Basin
L. I. Fodor
2005 Article: Fault-related folds and along-dip segmentation of breaching faults: syn-diagenetic deformation in the south-western Sirt basin, Libya
Fodor L., Turki, S. M., Dalob H., Al-Gerbi A.
Terra Nova, 17, 2, 121-128

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