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Dr. Pedro Silva (Portugal)

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Date Publication
2010 Article: Thick dyke emplacement and internal flow: A structural and magnetic fabric study of the deep-seated dolerite dyke of Foum Zguid (Southern Morocco)
Silva, P. F., F. O. Marques, B. Henry, P. Madureira, A. M. Hirt, E. Font, and N. Lourenco
J. Geophys. Res.,
2010 Article: Identification of tsunami-induced deposits using rock magnetism techniques and numerical modeling: a study case of the 1755 Lisbon Tsunami in Algarve, Portugal
Font E., Nascimento, C., Omira, R., Baptista, M.A. and P.M.F Silva
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors
25.08.2009 Article: Palaeomagnetism, rock magnetism and AMS of the Cabo Magmatic Province, NE Brazil, and the opening of South Atlantic
E. Font, M. Ernesto, P. F. Silva, P. B. Correia and M. A. L. Nascimento
Geophysical Journal International, 179, 905–922
Font et al 2009
09.10.2008 Article: Magma flow, exsolution processes and rock metasomatism in the Great Messejana-Plasencia dyke (Iberian Peninsula).
Silva PF, Henry B, Marques FO, Font E, Mateus A, Vegas R, Miranda JM, Palomino R, Palencia-Ortas A
Geophysical Journal International, 175, 806-824
Silva et al 2008
15.09.2008 Article: Multi-stage evolution of a sub-aerial volcanic ridge over the last 1.3 Myr: S. Jorge Island, Azores Triple Junction
Anthony Hildenbrand, Pedro Madureira, Fernando Ornelas Marques, Inês Cruz, Bernard Henry, Pedro Silva
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 273, 289-298
Hildenbrand et al 2008
31.01.2006 Article: Variation of magnetic properties in sedimentary rocks hosting the Foum Zguid dyke (southern Morocco): Combined effects of re-crystallization and Fe-metasomatism
Pedro F. Silva, Bernard Henry, Fernando O. Marques, António Mateus, Pedro Madureira, Nuno Lourenço, Jorge Miguel Miranda
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 241, 978-992
Silva et al 2006a
2006 Article: Paleomagnetic study of the Great Foum Zguid dyke (Southern Morocco): a positive contact test related to metasomatic processes
Silva, P.F., B. Henry, F. O. Marques, P. Madureira and J. M. Miranda
Geophysical Research Letters, 33
2006 Article: Paleomagnetic study of the Messejana-Plasencia dyke (Portugal and Spain): A lower Jurassic paleopole for the Iberian plate
Palencia-Ortas, A., Osete, M.L., Vegas, R., Silva, P
Tectonophysics, 420, 455-472
2004 Article: Preliminary results of a study of magnetic properties in the Foum-Zguid dyke (Morocco).
Silva, P. F., Marques, F. O., Henry, B., Mateus, A., Lourenço, N., Miranda, J. M.,
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, 29, 909-920
2002 Article: Study of the saldanha massif (MAR, 36º34'N): constrains from rock magnetic and geophysical data
Miranda, JM, Silva, P, Lourenço, N; Henry, B., Costa, R. and SALDANHA TEAM, 2003
Marine Geophysical Researches, 23, 299-318
2001 Article: Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility constraints on Variscan obduction processes in the Bragança Massif (NE Portugal
Silva, P.F., FO. Marques, J.M. Miranda, B. Henry, A. Mateus
Tectonophysics, 341, 95-119
30.11.1999 Article: Mid-Atlantic Ridge–Azores hotspot interactions: along-axis migration of a hotspot-derived event of enhanced magmatism 10 to 4 Ma ago
Mathilde Cannat, Anne Briais, Christine Deplus, Javier Escartín, Jennifer Georgen, Jian Lin, Serguei Mercouriev, Christine Meyzen, Mark Muller, Gaud Pouliquen, Aline Rabain, Pedro da Silva
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 173, 257-269
Cannat et al 1999

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