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Prof. Dr. Abdel-monem Amer (Egypt)

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Date Publication
20.07.2011 Article: (2011). Prediction of hydraulic conductivity and sorptivity in soils at steady-state infiltration.
Abdelmonem Amer
Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science. Online: http:www.tandfonline.com/loi/gags20
DOI: 10.1080/03650340.2011.572877
03.2011 Article: (2011). Effects of water infiltration and storage in cultivated soil on surface irrigation.
Abdelmonem Mohamed Amer
Agricultural Water Management, 98, 815-822
DOI: 10.1016/j.agwat.2010.12.006
03.2010 Article: Surface irrigation management in relation to water infiltration and distribution in soils.
Abdelmonem M. Amer and Kamal H. Amer
Soil and Water Research, 5, 75-87
09.2009 Article: Prediction of hydraulic conductivity as related to pore size distribution in unsaturated soils
Abdelmonem M.Amer, Sally D. Logsdon, Dedrick Davis
Soil Science, 174, 508-515
DOI: 10.1097/SS.0b013e3181b76c29
03.2009 Article: Moisture adsorption capacity and surface area as deduced from vapour pressure isotherms in relation to hygroscopic water of soils.
Abdelmonem Mohamed Amer
Biologia, 64, 516-521
DOI: 10.2478/s11756-009-0073-z
01.2004 Book: Soil Hydro-physics & Agricultural Irrigation and Drainage."2nd Part, Water Requirements and Irrigation & Drainage".
Abdelmonem Mohamed Amer
El-Dar Al-Arabia for Publishing and Distribution, Cairo, Egypt,
ISBN: I.S.B.N 977-258-195-7.
12.2002 Article: Drainable and water filled pores as related to water storage and conductivity in agricultural soils of Nile Delta.
Abdelmonem Amer
Verh. Internat.Verein. Limnology,Stuttgart-Germany, 28(4), 1912-1919
03.1994 Article: Compressibility of swelling soils at certain moisture conditions
Abdelmonem Amer
Egyptian Journal of Soil Science, Vol. 34, No.1, 79-90
03.1982 Article: New concepts about the determination of compressibility in swelling soils.
Abdelmonem Amer
Vest. Moscow Univ., Pochvovodenie, S.17,No.4, 67-70.
01.1982 Article: Effect of the overburden pressure on the matric potential of soil moisture.
Abdelmonem Mohamed Amer
Vest. Moscow Univ., Pochvovedenie, S.17,No.1, 44-66

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