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Dr. Dieter Franke (Germany)

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Date Publication
2010 Article: The structural evolution of folds in a deepwater fold and thrust belt – a case study from the continental margin offshore NW Borneo
Hesse, Susanne, Back, Stefan and Franke, Dieter
Marine and Petroleum Geology, 27(2), 442-454
2010 Article: Structural evolution and strike-slip tectonics off north-western Sumatra
Kai Berglar, Christoph Gaedicke, Dieter Franke, Stefan Ladage, Yusuf S. Djajadihardja
Tectonophysics, 480(1-4), 119-132
2009 Article: Crustal-scale architecture and segmentation of the Argentine margin and its conjugate off South Africa
Olav A. Blaich, Jan Inge Faleide, Filippos Tsikalas, Dieter Franke, Enric León
Geophysical Journal International, 178, 85-105
2009 Article: Geology of the shelves surrounding the New Siberian Islands, Russian Arctic
Franke, Dieter and Hinz, Karl
St. Mueller Spec. Publ. Ser., 4, 35-44
2008 Article: The South Anyui suture, northeast Arctic Russia reveald by offshore seismic data
Franke, Dieter, Reichert, Christian, Damm, Volkmar, Piepjohn, Karsten
Norwegian Journal of Geology, 188(4), 189-200
2008 Article: The structure of the lower crust at the Argentine continental margin: implications for a polyphase rifting history of the South Atlantic
Schnabel, M., Franke, D., Grassmann, S., Hinz, K., Neben, S., Damm, V., Pelliza, H., and Dos Santos P.R.
Tectonophysics, 454, 14-22
2008 Article: The great Sumatra–Andaman earthquakes—Imaging the boundary between the ruptures of the great 2004 and 2005 earthquakes
Franke, D., Schnabel, M., Ladage, S., Tappin, D.R., Neben, S., Djajadihardja, Y.S., Müller, C., Kopp, H., Gaedicke, C.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 269, 118-130
2008 Article: Seismic images of a collision zone offshore NW Sabah/Borneo
Franke, D., Barckhausen, U., Heyde, I., Tingay, M., Ramli, N.
Marine and Petroleum Geology, 25, 606-624
2007 Article: Margin segmentation and volcano-tectonic architecture along the volcanic margin off Argentina/Uruguay, South Atlantic
Franke, D., Neben, S., Ladage, S., Schreckenberger, B., Hinz, K.
Marine Geology, 244(1-4), 46-67

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