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David Leisawitz (United States)

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Date Publication
2012 Article: Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer Observations of the Evolution of Massive Star-forming Regions
X. P. Koenig, D. T. Leisawitz, D. J. Benford, L. M. Rebull, D. L. Padgett and R. J. Assef
The Astrophysical Journal, 744, 130
2010 Article: The Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE)
Edward L. Wright, Peter R. M. Eisenhardt, Amy K. Mainzer, Michael E. Ressler, Roc M. Cutri, Thomas Jarrett, J. Davy Kirkpatrick, Deborah Padgett, Robert S. McMillan, Michael Skrutskie, S. A. Stanford, Martin Cohen, Russell G. Walker, John C. Mather, David Leisawitz, Thomas N. Gautier III, Ian McLean, Dominic Benford, Carol J. Lonsdale, Andrew Blain, Bryan Mendez, William R. Irace, Valerie Duval, Fengchuan Liu, Don Royer, Ingolf Heinrichsen, Joan Howard, Mark Shannon, Martha Kendall, Amy L. Walsh, Mark Larsen, Joel G. Cardon, Scott Schick, Mark Schwalm, Mohamed Abid, Beth Fabinsky, Larry Naes and Chao-Wei Tsai
The Astronomical Journal, 140, 1868
2007 Article: The space infrared interferometric telescope (SPIRIT)
David Leisawitz, Charles Baker, Amy Barger, Dominic Benford, Andrew Blain, Rob Boyle, Richard Broderick, Jason Budinoff, John Carpenter, Richard Caverly, Phil Chen, Steve Cooley, Christine Cottingham, Julie Crooke, Dave DiPietro, Mike DiPirro, Michael Femiano, Art Ferrer, Jacqueline Fischer, Jonathan P. Gardner, Lou Hallock, Kenny Harris, Kate Hartman, Martin Harwit, Lynne Hillenbrand, Tupper Hyde, Drew Jones, Jim Kellogg, Alan Kogut, Marc Kuchner, Bill Lawson, Javier Lecha, Maria Lecha, Amy Mainzer, Jim Mannion, Anthony Martino, Paul Mason, John Mather, Gibran McDonald, Rick Mills, Lee Mundy, Stan Ollendorf, Joe Pellicciotti, Dave Quinn, Kirk Rhee, Stephen Rinehart, Tim Sauerwine, Robert Silverberg, Terry Smith, Gordon Stacey, H. Philip Stahl, Johannes Staguhn, Steve Tompkins, June Tveekrem, Sheila Wall and Mark Wilson
Advances in Space Research, 40, 689-703
DOI: 10.1016/j.asr.2007.05.081

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