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Dr. Avan Antia (Germany)

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Date Publication
02.01.2008 Article: Dissolution of coccolithophorid calcite by microzooplankton and copepod grazing
A. N. Antia, K. Suffrian, L. Holste, M. N. Müller, J. C. Nejstgaard, P. Simonelli, Y. Carotenuto, and S. Putzeys
Biogeosciences Discussions, 5, 1-23
SRef: 1810-6285/bgd/2008-5-1
04.08.2005 Article: Solubilization of particles in sediment traps: revising the stoichiometry of mixed layer export
A. N. Antia
Biogeosciences, 2, 189-204
SRef: 1726-4189/bg/2005-2-189
05.04.2005 Article: Particle-associated dissolved elemental fluxes: revising the stochiometry of mixed layer export
A. N. Antia
Biogeosciences Discussions, 2, 275-302
SRef: 1810-6285/bgd/2005-2-275

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