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Dr. NilgŁn Okay (Turkey)

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Date Publication
01.01.2011 Article: Sinistral transport along the Trans-European Suture Zone: detrital zircon–rutile geochronology and sandstone petrography from the Carboniferous flysch of the Pontides
N. Okay, T. Zack, A.I. Okay, M. Barth
Geological Magazine
01.06.2005 Article: Source of the basinal sediments in the Marmara Sea investigated using heavy minerals in the modern beach sands
N. Okay, B. Ergun
Marine Geology, 216, 1-15
02.08.1999 Article: An active deep marine strike-slip basin along the North Anatolian fault in Turkey
N. Okay
Tectonics, 18, 129-147
01.01.1993 Article: Thermal Rejuvenation of the Yermak Plateau
N. Okay, K. Crane
Marine Geophysical Researches, 15, 243-263

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