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Dr. Sharon Vadas (United States)

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Date Publication
14.01.2009 Article: Convection: the likely source of the medium-scale gravity waves observed in the OH airglow layer near Brasilia, Brazil, during the SpreadFEx campaign
S. L. Vadas, M. J. Taylor, P.-D. Pautet, P. A. Stamus, D. C. Fritts, H.-L. Liu, F. T. São Sabbas, V. T. Rampinelli, P. Batista, and H. Takahashi
Annales Geophysicae, 27, 231-259
SRef: 1432-0576/angeo/2009-27-231
09.01.2009 Article: Reconstruction of the gravity wave field from convective plumes via ray tracing
S. L. Vadas and D. C. Fritts
Annales Geophysicae, 27, 147-177
SRef: 1432-0576/angeo/2009-27-147

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