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Dr. Maria Josť Brogueira (Portugal)

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Date Publication
2007 Article: - Phytoplankton community structure defined by key environmental variables in Tagus estuary, Portugal.
Brogueira, M.J., Oliveira, M.R., Cabeçadas
Mar. Env. Res., 64, 616-628
2006 Article: Identification of similar environmental areas in Tagus estuary by using multivariate analysis.
Brogueira, M.J., Cabeçadas,
Ecological Indicators, 6(3), 508-515
2004 Article: Chemical resolution of a meddy emerging off southern Portugal.
Brogueira, M.J., Cabeçadas, G., Gonçalves,C.
Continental Shelf Research, 24(15), 1651-1657
2003 Article: Intermediate water masses off south-southwest Portugal: Chemical tracers
Cabeçadas, G., Brogueira, M.J., Gonçalves, C.,
Journal of Marine Research, 61, 539-55
2002 Article: Behaviour of organic carbon in nine contrasting european estuaries
Abril, G., Nogueira, M., Etcheber, H., Cabeçadas, G., Lemaire, E., Brogueira, M. J.
Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science, 54(2), 241-262
2002 Article: Physical, chemical and sedimentological aspects of the Mediterranean Outflow off Iberia
Ambar, I., Serra, N., Brogueira, M.J., Cabeçadas, G., Abrantes, F., Freitas, P., Gonçalves, C., Gonzalez, N.
Deep Sea Res. II, 49(19), 4163-4177
2002 Article: The chemistry of Mediterranean outflow and its interactions with surrounding waters.
Cabeçadas, G., Brogueira, M.J.,Gonçalves, C.,
Deep Sea Res. II, 49(19):, 4263-4270
1999 Article: Nutrients and productivity in three european estuaries
Cabeçadas, G., Nogueira, M., Brogueira, M.J.,
Marine Pollution Bulletin, 38(12), 1092-1096

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