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Charlie Soeder

Charlie Soeder


Complex Systems
ArkFab Labs
692 Argonne Ave #2
30308 Atlanta, United States

Email: charles.soeder@gmail.com

Blog: Topologic Oceans - All Things Organic and Algebraic

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Date Publication
01.06.2011 Article: The Statistical Thermodynamics of Poker Tournaments - v1.0
C. Soeder
working paper
2011 Article: CO2 Trouble: Ocean Acidification, Dr. Everett, and Congressional Science Standards
C. Soeder
ArkFab Collective
full report
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context II

Latest Blog Posts

  • 05.09.2013: Wonderous Stories

    Science is sometimes criticized as draining the meaning and beauty out of existence, when in reality it has the opposite problem. Because it allows one to acquire knowledge otherwise inaccessible to common perception, science gives us access to a whole other landscape, with terrifying and beautiful scenery. It is hard to discuss the history of […]
    Source: Topologic Oceans

  • 22.08.2013: V

    One of my hobbies is sacred geometry‭ ‬-‭ ‬loosely defined,‭ ‬it’s the study and use of mathematical archetypes in nature and culture,‭ ‬often with a focus on traditional compass and straightedge constructions.‭ Don’t worry‭; ‬I’m not about to go off into numerology,‭ ‬telling you that you can derive the groovy cosmic secrets of the ancients […]
    Source: Topologic Oceans

  • 14.08.2013: What’s Up with the Bad Chemistry?

    Watts Up With That is a very, very silly website. Here’s what I mean: In a recent article at WUWT, chemical engineering graduate Steve Burnette tries to dismiss concerns about ocean acidification, but his claims are outright wrong when they are coherent. The centerpiece of the article is a calculation meant to estimate the change […]
    Source: Topologic Oceans

  • 28.07.2013: LabLulz: a DIY melting point apparatus

    If you’ve ever taken an organic chemistry lab class, you’ve probably done a melting point determination. That’s when you take a small sample of a solid, heat it up, and make note of the temperature at which it melts. This can be used to identify an unknown, but it is often used to assay purity. […]
    Source: Topologic Oceans

  • 02.07.2013: scraping metadata from Civitas’s creepy “Moral Monday” database

    In case you haven’t heard, the North Carolina General Assembly has run amok. It’s hard to believe that things could get worse: the last NCGA approved Ammendment One, which declared that straight marriage was the only recognized family. And they tried to outlaw accelerating sea level rise by declaring that straight lines were the only […]
    Source: Topologic Oceans

  • 19.02.2013: LabLulz: this microscope is the bee’s knees!

    I recently bought a 80-800x USB microscope. It has really good quality for less than $40, and I’ve been using it to get up close and personal with crystals, dead bugs, and gross parts of my anatomy. Feast your eyes! I hope to get some polarizing filters and videotape the growth of chiral crystals, like [...]
    Source: Topologic Oceans

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Ocean acidification, mycology, microbiology & ecology, Bifurcation and Chaos, Complex system theory, Sustainability, Biogeochemistry, Biogeophysics