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Dr. Giovanna Giorgetti (Italy)

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Date Publication
2009 Article: Provenance of glacial–marine sediments under the McMurdo/Ross Ice Shelf (Windless Bight, Antarctica): Heavy minerals and geochemical data
D. Damiani, G. Giorgetti
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 7, 262-283
2009 Article: Provenance of Pleistocene sediments in the ANDRILL AND-1B drillcore: clay and heavy mineral data
G. Giorgetti, F. Talarico, S. Sandroni, A. Zeoli
Global and Planetary Changes, 69, 94-102
2009 Article: Low-temperature hydrothermal alteration of trachybasalt at Conical Seamount, Papua New Guinea: Formation of smectite and metastable precursor phases
G. Giorgetti, T. Monecke, R. Kleeberg, M.D. Hannington
Clays and Clay Minerals, 57, 513-529
2008 Article: The Ricker Hills Tillite provides evidence of Oligocene warm-based glaciation in Victoria Land, Antarctica
C. Baroni, F. Fasano, G. Giorgetti, M.C. Salvatore, C. Ribecai
Global and Planetary Change, 60, 457-470
2007 Article: Textural and mineralogical changes associated un the incipient hydrothermal alteration of glassy dacite at the submarine PACMANUS hydrothermal system, eastern Manus Basin.
G. Giorgetti
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 160, 23-41
2007 Article: Newly-formed phyllosilicates in rock matrices and fractures from CRP-3 core (Antarctica): An electron microscopy study
G. Giorgetti, F.S. Aghib, K.J.T. Livi, A.-C. Gaillot, T.J. Wilson.
Clay Minerals, 42, 21-43
2006 Article: Low-temperature hydrothermal alteration of silicic glass at the Pacmanus Hydrothermal vent field, Manus Basin: an XRD, SEM and AEM-TEM study
G. Giorgetti, T. Monecke, R. Kleeberg, M.D. Hannington
Clays and Clay Minerals, 54, 240-251
2006 Article: Clay mineral fluctuations and surface textural analysis of quartz grains in Pliocene-Quaternary marine sediments from Wilkes Land continental rise (East-Antarctica): Paleoenvironmental significance
D. Damiani, G. Giorgetti, I. Memmi Turbanti
Marine Geolgoy, 226, 281-295
2005 Article: Retrograde diagenesis, a widespread process on a regional scale
F. Nieto, M.P. Mata, B. Bauluz, G. Giorgetti, P. Árkai, D.R. Peacor
Clay Minerals, 40, 93-104
2005 Article: Two-, three- and four-feldspar assemblages with hyalophane and celsian: implications for phase equilibria in the system BaAl2Si2O8-KalSi3O8-Na-AlSi3O8-CaAl2Si2O8
E. J. Essene, C. Claflin, G. Giorgetti, P. Mata, D. R. Peacor, P. Arkai
European Journal of Mineralogy, 17, 515-535
2004 Article: Tuscan black glosses: A mineralogical characterization by high resolution techniques
G. Giorgetti, E. Gliozzo, I. Memmi
European Journal of Mineralogy, 16, 493-503
2003 Article: Evolution of mineral assemblages and textures from sediment through hornfels in the Salton Sea Geothermal Field: Direct crystallization of phyllosilicates in a hydrothermal-metamorphic system
G. Giorgetti, M.P. Mata, D.R. Peacor
Clay Minerals, 38, 113-126
2003 Article: Plio-quaternary sedimentation on the Wilkes land continental rise: preliminary results
M. Busetti, A. Caburlotto, L. Armand, D. Damiani, G. Giorgetti, R.G. Lucchi, P.G. Quilty, G. Villa
Deep-Sea Research II, 50, 1529-1562
2003 Article: Intermediate sodium-potassium mica in hydrothermally altered rocks of the Waterloo deposit, Australia: A combined SEM-EMP-XRD-TEM study
G. Giorgetti, T. Monecke, R. Kleeberg, P.M. Herzig
Contribution to Mineralogy and Petrology, 146, 159-173
2002 Article: Tectono-metamorphic evolution of the Alpi Apuane metamorphic complex: new data and constraints for geodynamic models
G. Molli, G. Giorgetti, M. Meccheri
Bollettino della Società Geologica Italiana, 1, 789-800
2002 Article: Mid-late Pleistocene glacimarine sedimentary processes of a high-latitude, deep-sea sediment drift (Antarctic Peninsula Pacific Margin)
R.G. Lucchi, M. Rebesco, A. Camerlenghi, M. Busetti, L. Tomadin, G. Villa, D. Persico, C. Morigi, M.C. Bonci, G. Giorgetti
Marine Geology, 343-370
2001 Article: Clay mineral mixtures as alteration products in pillow basalts from Eastern Flank of Juan de Fuca Ridge: a TEM-AEM study
G. Giorgetti, P. Marescotti, R. Cabella, G. Lucchetti.
Clay Minerals, 36, 75-91
2001 Article: Comparison of evlution of trioctahedral chlorite/berthierine/smectite in coeval metabsites and metapelites from diagenetic to epizonal grades
M.P. Mata, G. Giorgetti, P. Arkai, D.R. Peacor
Clays and Clay Minerals Minerals, 49, 318-332
2001 Article: Continental shelf drift deposit indicates non-steady state Antarctic bottom water production in the Holocene
P.T. Harris, G. Brancolini, L. Armand, M. Busetti, R.J. Beaman, G. Giorgetti, M. Presti, F. Trincardi
Marine Geology, 179, 1-8
2001 Article: Evidence of a close link between petrology and isotope records: constraints from SEM, EMP, TEM and in situ 40Ar-39Ar laser analyses on multiple generations of white micas (Lanterman Range, Antarcitca)
G. Di Vincenzo, B. Ghiribelli, G. Giorgetti, R. Palmeri
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 192/3, 389-405
2000 Article: Contrast in processes and products of weathering of carpholite and associated phyllosilicates: A TEM study
G. Giorgetti, I. Memmi, D.R. Peacor
European Journal of Mineralogy, 12, 33-44
2000 Article: Characterization of non-equilibrium and equilibrium occurrences of paragonite/muscovite intergrowths in an eclogite from the Sesia-Lanzo zone (Western Alps, Italy).
G. Giorgetti, P. Tropper, E.J. Essene, D.R. Peacor
Contribution to Mineralogy and Petrology, 138, 326-336
2000 Article: TEM study of the mechanism of transformation of detrital kaolinite and muscovite to illite/smectite in sediments of the Salton Sea Geothermal Field
G. Giorgetti, M.P. Mata, D.R. Peacor
European Journal of Mineralogy, 12, 923-934
2000 Article: Retarded illite crystallinity caused by stressed-induced subgrain boundaries in illite
G. Giorgetti, I. Memmi, D.R. Peacor
Clay Minerals, 35, 693-708
2000 Article: Microfabric study on the deformational and thermal history of the Alpi Apuane marbles (Carrara marbles), Italy
G. Molli, P. Conti, G. Giorgetti, M. Meccheri, N. Oesterling
Journal of Structural Geology, 22, 1809-1825
2000 Article: Structural and petrological constraints on the tectono-metamorphic evolution of the Massa Unit (Alpi Apuane, NW Tuscany, Italy).
G. Molli, G. Giorgetti, M. Meccheri
Geological Journal, 35, 251-264
2000 Article: Comparison of diagenetic and low-grade metamorphic evolution of chlorite in associated metapelites and metabasites. an integrated TEM and XRD study
P. Arkai, M.P. Mata, G. Giorgetti, D.R. Peacor, M. Tóth
Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 18, 531-550
1998 Article: Metamorphic evolution of Verrucano metasediments in northern Apennines: new petrological constraints
G. Giorgetti, B. Goffé, I. Memmi, F. Nieto
European Journal of mineralogy, 10, 1295-1308
1998 Article: Microfabric and alteration in Carrara marble: a preliminary study
M. Barsottelli, F. Fratini, G. Giorgetti, C. Manganelli Del Fa G. Molli.
Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage, 7, 115-126
1997 Article: Microstructures of intergrown phyllosilicate grains from Verrucano metasediments (northern Apennines, Italy).
G. Giorgetti, I. Memmi, F. Nieto
Contribution to Mineralogy and Petrology, 128, 127-138
1996 Article: Role of fluids in migmatites: CO2-H2O fluid inclusions in leucosomes from the Deep Freeze Range migmatites (Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica).
G. Giorgetti, M.L. Frezzotti, R. Palmeri, E.A.J. Burke
Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 14, 307-317
1992 Article: Structural and microthermometric studies of fluid inclusions in the Gallura intrusive complex (N Sardinia).
G. Giorgetti, M.L. Frezzotti, C. Ghezzo
European Journal of Mineralogy, 4, 1175-1185

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