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Prof. Dr. Gang Qin (China)

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Date Publication
12.2009 Article: Pitch angle diffusion coefficients of charged particles from computer simulations
G. Qin, and A. Shalchi
Astrophys. J., 707, 61-66
09.2009 Article: Prediction of the shock arrival times with SEP observations
G. Qin, M. Zhang, and H.K. Rassoul
J. Geophys. Res., 114, A09104
02.2009 Article: Propagation of Solar Energetic Particles in 3-dimensional Interplanetary Magnetic Fields
M. Zhang, G. Qin and H. Rassoul
Astrophys. J., 692, 109
08.2008 Article: Effect of flux tubes in solar wind on the diffusion of energetic particles
G. Qin, and G. Li
Astrophys. J., 682, L129
02.2007 Article: Nonlinear Parallel Diffusion of Charged Particles: Extension to the Nonlinear Guiding Center Theory
G. Qin
Astrophys. J., 656, 217-221
01.2007 Article: Ulysses observations of Jovian relativistic electrons in the interplanetary space near Jupiter: Determination of perpendicular particle transport coefficients and their energy dependence
M. Zhang, G. Qin, H. Rassoul, B. McKibben, C. Lopate and B. Heber
Planet. Space Sci., 55, 12-20
08.2006 Article: The effect of adiabatic cooling on the fitted parallel mean free path of solar energetic particles
G. Qin, M. Zhang, J.R. Dwyer
J. Geophys. Res., 111, A08101
03.2006 Article: Parallel diffusion of charged particles in strong 2D turbulence
G. Qin, W.H. Matthaeus, J.W. Bieber
Astrophys. J., 640, L103-L106
07.2005 Article: The Model Dependence of Solar Energetic Particle Mean Free Paths Under Weak Scattering
G. Qin, M. Zhang, J.R. Dwyer, H.K. Rassoul, and G.M. Mason
Astrophys. J., 627, 562-566
11.2004 Article: Nonlinear Parallel and Perpendicular Diffusion of Charged Cosmic Rays in Weak Turbulence
A. Shalchi, J.W. Bieber, W.H. Matthaeus, and G. Qin
Astrophys. J., 616, 617-629
07.2004 Article: Interplanetary transport mechanisms of solar energetic particles
G. Qin, M. Zhang, J.R. Dwyer and H.K. Rassoul
Astrophys. J., 609, 1076-1081
2004 Article: Nonlinear Guiding Center Theory of Perpendicular Diffusion: General Properties and Comparison with Oberservation
J. W. Bieber, W. H. Matthaeus, A. Shalchi, and G. Qin
Geophys. Res. Lett., 31, L10805
06.2003 Article: Nonlinear collisionless perpendicular diffusion of charged particles
W.H. Matthaeus, G. Qin, J.W. Bieber, and G.P. Zank
Astrophys. J., 590, L53-L56
10.2002 Article: Perpendicular transport of charged particles in composite model turbulence: recovery of diffusion
G. Qin, W.H. Matthaeus, and J.W. Bieber
Astrophys. J., 578, L117-L120
05.2002 Article: Energetic particles from three-dimensional magnetic reconnection events in the Swarthmore Spheromak Experiment
M.R. Brown, C.D. Cothran, M. Landreman, D. Schlossberg, W.H. Matthaeus, G. Qin, V.S. Lukin, and T. Gray
Phys. Plasmas, 9, 2077-2084
04.2002 Article: Subdiffusive transport of charged particles perpendicular to the large scale magnetic field
G. Qin, W. H. Matthaeus, and J. W. Bieber
Geophys. Res. Lett., 29, 1048
11.2001 Article: Energetic particles and Magnetohydrodynamic Activity in the Swarthmore spheromak experiment
G. Qin, V. S. Lukin,C.D. Cothran, M. R. Brown and W. H. Matthaeus
Phys. Plasmas, 8, 4816-4826
05.2001 Article: Numerical modeling of magnetohydrodynamic activity in the Swarthmore spheromak experiment
V. S. Lukin, G. Qin, W. H. Matthaeus and M. R. Brown
Phys. Plasmas, 8, 1600-1606

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