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Prof. John Tarduno (United States)

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Date Publication
2010 Article: Geodynamo, Solar wind, and magnetopause 3.4 to 3.45 billion years ago
Tarduno, J.A., R.D. Cottrell, M.K. Watkeys, A. Hofmann, P.V. Doubrovine, E.E. Mamajek, D. Liu, D.G. Sibeck, L.P. Neukirch and Y. Usui
Science, 327, 238-1240
2009 Article: The bent Hawaiian-Emperor hotspot track: Inheriting the mantle wind
Tarduno, J.A., H.-P. Bunge, N. Sleep and U. Hansen
Science, 324, 50-53
2008 Article: Hotspots Unplugged
Tarduno, J.A.
Scientific American, 298, 88-93
2007 Article: Geomagnetic field strength 3.2 billion years ago recorded by single silicate crystals
Tarduno, J.A., R.D. Cottrell, M.K. Watkeys and D. Bauch
Nature, 446, 657-660
2006 Article: The paleomagnetism of single silicate crystals: Recording the geomagnetic field during mixed polarity intervals, superchrons and inner core growth
Tarduno, J.A, R.D Cottrell, and A.V. Smirnov
Reviews of Geophysics, 44, RG1002
2003 Article: The Emperor Seamounts: Southward motion of the Hawaiian Hotspot plume in Earth's mantle
Tarduno, J.A., R.A. Duncan, D.W. Scholl, R.D. Cottrell, B. Steinberger, T. Thordarson, B.C. Kerr, C.R. Neal, F.A. Frey, M. Torii and C. Carvallo
Science, 301, 1064-1069
2002 Article: The Cretaceous Superchron geodynamo: Observations near the tangent cylinder
Tarduno, J.A., R.D. Cottrell, and A.V. Smirnov
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 99, 14020-14025
2001 Article: High geomagnetic field intensity during the mid-Cretaceous from Thellier analyses of single plagioclase crystals
Tarduno, J.A., R.D. Cottrell and A.V. Smirnov
Science, 291, 1779-1783
1998 Article: Evidence for Extreme Climatic Warmth from Late Cretaceous Arctic Vertebrates
Tarduno, J.A., D.B. Brinkman, P.R. Renne, R.D. Cottrell, H. Scher and P. Castillo
Science, 282, 2241-2244
1995 Article: Large-scale motion between Pacific and Atlantic hotspots
Tarduno, J.A., and J. Gee
Nature, 378, 477-480
1995 Article: Polar standstill of the mid-Cretaceous Pacific plate and its geodynamic implications
Tarduno, J.A., and W.W. Sager
Science, 269, 956-959
1991 Article: Rapid Formation of Ontong Java Plateau by Aptian Mantle Plume Volcanism
Tarduno, J.A., W.V. Sliter, L. Kroenke, M. Leckie, H. Mayer, J.J. Mahoney, R. Musgrave, M. Storey and E.L. Winterer
Science, 254, 399-403

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