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Prof. Dr. Hermann Drewes (Germany)

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Date Publication
2012 Conference Proceedings: The 2009 horizontal velocity field for South America and the Caribbean
H. Drewes, O. Heidbach
2012 Conference Proceedings: Aktuelle Arbeiten der Internationalen Assoziation für Geodäsie (IAG) als Nachfolgeorganisation der Mitteleuropäischen Gradmessung
H. Drewes
2012 Article: Current activities of the International Association of Geodesy (IAG) as the successor organisation of the Mitteleuropaeische Gradmessung
H. Drewes
Zeitschrift für Geodäsie, Geoinformation und Landmanagement, 137, 175-184
2012 Conference Proceedings: How to fix the geodetic datum for reference frames in geociences applications?
H. Drewes
2011 Book: IAG Reports 2007-2011
H. Drewes, H. Hornik (Eds.)
Travaux de l'AIG, DGFI Munich
2009 Book: Geodetic Reference Frames
H. Drewes (Ed.)
Springer IAG Symposia, Vol. 134
ISBN: 978-3-642-00859-7
2009 Conference Proceedings: The Actual Plate Kinematic and crustal deformation Model (APKIM2005) as basis for a non-rotating ITRF
H. Drewes
2009 Conference Proceedings: Reference systems, reference frames, and the geodetic datum - basic considerations
H. Drewes
2008 Book: The Geodesist's Handbook 2008
H. Drewes, H. Hornik, J. Adam, S. Rozsa (Eds.)
2007 Article: Asumiendo el reto de los objetivos geodesicos futuros: El Sistema de Observacion Geodesico Global (GGOS)
H. Drewes
Analisis Geograficos, ISSN 0120-8551, Vol. 37, 72-82
2007 Conference Proceedings: Science rationale of the Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS)
H. Drewes
13.01.2006 Book Section: Analysis and refined computations of the International Terrestrial Reference Frame
H. Drewes, D. Angermann, M. Gerstl, M. Krügel, B. Meisel, W. Seemüller
ISBN: 9783540295204
2006 Article: Zum Wandel in der Zielsetzung geodätischer Forschung
H. Drewes
Z. f. Verm.wesen, 131, 292-298
2006 Book Section: Integration von Geometrie und Gravimetrie: Das Globale Geodätische Observations-System (GGOS)
H. Drewes

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