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Dr. Francesca Rapparini (Italy)

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Date Publication
2012 Article: AM fungi root colonization increases the production of essential isoprenoids vs. nonessential isoprenoids especially under drought stress conditions or after jasmonic acid application
Asensio D., Rapparini F., Penuelas J
Phytochemistry, 77, 149-161
2009 Article: . Ectopic expression of leafy cotyledon1-like gene and localized auxin accumulation early mark embryogenic competence in epiphyllous plants of Helianthus annuus x H. tuberosus
7) Chiappetta A., M. Fambrini, M. Petrarulo, F. Rapparini, V. Michelotti, L. Bruno, M- Greco, R. Baraldi, M. Salvini, C. Pugliesi, M. B. Bitonti
Annals of Botany, 103, 735-747
2008 Article: Role of xanthophyll cycle-mediated photoprotection in Arbutus unedo plants exposed to water stress during the Mediterranean summer.
Baraldi R, Canaccini F, Cortes S, Magnani F, Rapparini F, Zamboni A, Raddi S.
Photosynthetica, 46, 378-386.
2008 Article: Effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) colonization on terpene emission and content of Artemisia annua L.
F. Rapparini, J. Luisià, J. Penuelas
Plant Biology, 10, 108-122
2007 Article: Terpene emission in tissue culture
S. Predieri e F. Rapparini
Plant Cell Tiss Organ Cult, 91., 87-95.
2004 Article: Monoterpene emission responses to elevated CO2 in a Mediterranean-type ecosystem.
Baraldi R., Rapparini F., Oechel W. C., Hastings S. J., Bryant P., Cheng Y. & Miglietta F.
New Phytologist,, 161, 17-21.
2004 Article: . Isoprenoid emission in trees of Quercus pubescens and Quercus ilex with lifetime exposure to naturally high CO2 environment.
Rapparini F., Baraldi R., Miglietta F. & Loreto F.
Plant Cell & Environment, 27, 381-391.
2002 Article: Indole-3-acetic acid metabolism in Lemna gibba undergoes dynamic changes in response to growth temperature.
1Rapparini F., Y.Y. Tam, J. Cohen, and J. Slovin. 2002.
Plant Physiology, 28, 1-7

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