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Publishing System – quick and agile


The publishing application in COSIS.net connects all those involved in the publication process, ensures the correct selection of responsible persons, monitors all deadlines and keeps the process lean, fast and agile.

6 Steps: Invitation, Author's Upload, Peer Review/Editing, Production, Publication, Promotion

The publication system covers the entire process, from inviting authors on specialist subjects to publishing and advertising the publication. This can be carried out both independently of classical publishers or can be partially licensed.

As of February 2011, the first modules can also be switched over to different languages. This means that, for example, the author tools are already available in German.

1. Akquisition of Authors / Invitations

If you are planning a magazine issue or an anthology, send the invitations with the system and observe the return replies. The authors can immediately upload their articles at the right place. The scientific network can support you as you acquire authors.

2. Author's Upload

The author submits an article (a manuscript, images, additional data) and the system monitors the entry by checking the data format and resolution of the image and puts in requests for the necessary metadata.

3. (Public) Peer Review and Editorial Management

According to the settings for the respective publication, a project editor will be defined - if necessary by automatic means - and accompanies the article or chapter through the peer review or editorial process. This is carried out by selecting a specialized editor or reviewer and then releasing the article for production, if necessary after corrections by the author.

Public peer review: COSIS.net also offers a successful system for public discussion of the manuscript before final publication, particularly for open access publications. This additionally guarantees the evaluation process and almost completely rules out the possibility of scientific misconduct.

4. Production

In the production module, the producer of the manuscript forwards it to other service providers, such as photo editors and copy editors, or even to XML structuring. After the producer has checked the results, the article can be released for typesetting, the typesetting service provider can be chosen, the author's corrections from the galley proof can be incorporated and finally the issue or collected volume can be finalized and the data can be forwarded to the printer and e-book distribution. Pre-print publishing is, of course, also possible.

5. Publication

In the publication module the metadata is editorially checked and automatically sent on to search engines and archiving services.

6. Advertising and Sales Support

With its alert services, COSIS offers all publishers the possibility of advertising anchored in the community. Additionally, individual new articles or books can be advertised in the news system. Our online bookshop can carry out the sale and, if necessary, also take into account subscriptions, restrictions to certain IP areas and special discounts for certain target groups.


All publication categories: magazines, anthologies, monographs and e-books

The newly designed system not only maps the workflow of scientific journals, but also that of such productions as anthologies and monographs. Simultaneous e-book production can be linked to print production. Of course, purely electronic products can also be mapped.

Proven technology: open industry standards

  • PHP, MySQL, TeX, HTML, XML, epub, PDF
  • All the services referred to are provided via web browsers and e-mail. Therefore no local installations are necessary - this means that COSIS.net services are available worldwide, also when those concerned are away on trips.
  • New responsible persons, representatives and service providers can be entered in only a few minutes, making this an ideal solution for projects with time constraints and off-shore production.
  • Server and programming in Berlin, mirror server in Frankfurt/M.

All standard features

  • completely role-based work environment
  • All your service providers may be integrated easily.
  • differentiated reminders
  • double blind reviewing
  • various short review forms
  • freely configurable email templates
  • reference linking
  • anonymize manuscript pdfs

Distinctive features / USP / Highlights

  • Up-to-date design with self-explanatory user guidance. So you need nearly no manuals and training
  • All actions may be canceled anytime and may be restarted in different ways.
  • Language files map language variants and company specific terminology.
  • Public Peer Review: discuss manuscripts in the community before final publication
  • Online XML-Editor for previews, discussion statements, formula editing
  • Interfaces to inhouse systems (e.g. ERP) or external systems (of your service providers) are possible.
  • automated editor selection for large journals, using a multi-dimensional subject matrix
  • Community integration
  • Online-Shop for service charges
  • Branding is possible

Highlight: Issue-Manager

The new issue manager in COSIS.net allows you to comfortably plan your journal, taking into consideration the contribution of all those concerned: authors, publishers, assistants, editors, reviewers, proof-readers, producers, image editors, typesetters etc.

All assets (articles, reviews, editorials, advertising) etc. can be conveniently administrated here. You will always have an overview of how full the issue will be (with the estimated and actual number of pages) and can very easily move articles from one edition to another.

A traffic-light system will display the work progress of each object and will immediately signal if any deadlines have been exceeded.

Highlight: Image Management

Every producer or image editor will love our new tool for image management: it displays all existing images, gives a warning if any are missing and gives the image editor and the layouter clear instructions, for example as to how large the images should be displayed. We have also developed a traffic-light system for this – it will display all possible image formats in your publication and, independently of your settings for print resolution and the resolution of your images, will show you in a simple way how large you can make the image without risking loss of quality. The system allows you to quickly and easily customize your publication parameters.


Our success story: with its unique public peer review and lean production system, COSIS.net has made a significant contribution to Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, one of the most successful open access journals, which has become the market leader in its field in only 10 years.

  • Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP)
  • Journal of Ancient Judaism (JAJ), V & R
  • Carbon & Climate Law Review (CCLR), Lexxion
  • and more.


COSIS.net uses a transparent, easily scalable, usage-based calculation model, which minimizes your risks.

  • Setting up the first magazine/series per institution/publisher – low four-figure amount (euros), approximately 1/4 for further magazines.
  • Per manuscript - low two-figure amounts (euros), according to the components used. The peer review system uses the usual market prices.
  • A minimum turnover is determined individually.
  • Instead of a price per manuscript model, page-based models can also be used if required.
  • Not included in the price is the cost for long-term archiving etc., as well as the cost for typesetting; the latter can vary greatly depending on graphic demands and content. You may include your previous workers or service providers. If required, we can recommend service providers.
  • We also individually offer the necessary infrastructure for running discussion journals (content creation and content delivery) and, if required, the necessary interfaces, as well as first level support by e-mail and a telephone hotline.

Request a Presentation!

We would be happy to answer your questions and guide you through the system: in person, by phone or in a web conference. Phone: +49 30 26550940, e-mail: marketing@cosis.net.