EGU Election 2007/2008

Candidate for General Secretary

Hans Thybo
Department of Geography and Geology
University of Copenhagen
Oester Voldgade 10
DK-1350 Copenhagen K

Curriculum Vitae

Born: 19 February 1954 in Århus, Denmark.
Education: Lic.scient. (PhD) in Geology 1987, Aarhus University (AU),
Cand.scient. (M.Sc.) in Geophysics 1982, AU
Bac.scient. (B.Sc.) i Mathematics og Physics 1977, AU.
Address: Stationsvej 37, DK-2980 Kokkedal, Denmark. Tlf. +45 4576 5513.
Employment: Professor, Department of Geography and Geology, University of
Copenhagen, Øster Voldgade 10, DK-1350 København K, Denmark. Ph. +45
3532 2452, Fax +45 2214 8322, email:

Employment carreer:

1981: Technische Hogeschool Delft, The Netherlands.
1982-85: Ph.d. study grant, Geological Institute, University of Aarhus
1986: Grant from Nordic Council of Ministers (Energy research).
1986-2001: Ass. Professor in Geophysics, Geological Institute, KU (GI).
1994: Visiting professor at Stanford University, California.
2001: Professor in Geologically Applied Geophysics, GI

Leading positions:

1988 -: Head of Geophysical Laboratory, GI
1991-2004. Head of Computer-department GI
1998-2006: Centre leader: Seismic-tectonophysical investigations of the tectosphere"
1998 -2007: Member of the institute council, GI
1999-2004: Member of the Faculty Computer council
2001-2004: Deputy Institute Leader, GI
2004-2007: Institute Leader, Geological Institute, KU
2004-2007: Leader of “Centre for Integrated Geophysical Research”

Professional recognition

1998: Elected member of Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters (RDASL)
2003: Elected to the presidium of RDASL
2004: Fellow, Royal Astronomical Society, London
2004: Elected member of Academia Europaea
2006: Danish representative to ICSU (International Committee of Scientific Unions)

Editorial Boards:

1996-2005: Guest editor of 6 special issues of scientific journals
1999-2006: Editorial board, Journal of Applied Geophysics
2000 - : Editor in Chief, Tectonophysics
2003 -: Editorial board, Geophysical Surveys
2005 -: Associate editor, eEARTH
2006 -: Editorial board, Geophysical Journal

Invited lectures:

Berkeley, Berlin, CalTech, El Paso, GEOMAR, The Hague, Karlsruhe, Kiel, Kiev, Laramie WY, Leeds, London, Moscow, Nice, Novosibirsk, Oslo, Ottawa, Potsdam, Princeton, Stanford, Strasbourg, Tokio, UCLA, Uppsala, Warsaw, Vienna, og Yale.

International and nationale commitees:

1990-1998: Scientific secretary for seismics in European Geophysical Society
1992-1998: EUROPROBE's working group for "The Trans European Suture Zone"
1993-1996: Chair for IASPEIs MEMSAC committee
1992-1996: Chair for EUROPROBE’s instrumentation commitee
1992-1996 EUROPROBE's working group “Deep Europe”
1990-1998: Secretary for Danish ILP committee (International Lithosphere Programme)
1998-: Chair for Danish ILP committee CV H. Thybo, p. 2
2000-2002: President (seismology) for the European Geophysical Society
2002: Founding member of European Geosciences Union (EGU)
2002-2007: President (seismology) for the EGU
2004: Member of the Swedish Geo-research Council (NT-C)
2004-: Executive group for the science committee, Int. Geological Congress 2008
2004 -: Leader of the pan-European geoscience programme, EuroArray
2004: External member of the council, Science Faculty, University of Oslo
2005 -: Co-proponent of TopoEurope, an ESF-Eurocores project.
2006-: Chair for the Danish ICSU committee
2007-: Member of Danish Natural Science Research Council (FNU)
2007-: Interim General Secretary of European Geosciences Union.

PI and co-PI of 46 international scientific geophysical projects since 1989:

Including EGT-subprojects, BABEL, KRISP90 and 94, TTZ Baltic Sea, EUROBRIDGE, MONA LISA (Initiator), POLONAISE (Initiator), DOBREI and II, LARSEII, Celebration’2000, Altay-Sayan, BASE and BEST (Baikal Rift, Initiator), ESTRID (Initiator), Initiator of a project for gathering a comprehensive database of potential fields in Europa, PACE, Alps’2002, Scanlips, EAGLE (Ethiopia rift), EuroArray (Initiator), leading proponent of TopoEurope, MAGNUS, MAGNUS-REX. Collaboration with researchers from more than 50 leading research institutions on geophysical projects on most continents.


Research in Geologically Applied Geophysics, including integrated geophysical and geological-tectonic interpretation, tectonophysics, theoretical seismology, and all aspects of applied seismics: data acquisition, processing, and interpretation.
Funding amounts to ca. 45 mill. kr. since 1992, primarily from:
Danish Research Council of Sciences (FNU and SNF), Carlsbergfondet, EU (projects and Marie Curie), NATO, EFP, as well as from the geophysical/geological industry: Phillips Petroleum, Mærsk Oil and Gas, DONG, BEB Erdöl und Gas. These grants have among others allowed financing the stay of ca. 35 junior and senior researchers at the institute.

Research results:

Have published 146 scientific articles with review, 62 other publications, 6 special issues of scientific journals and ca. 425 abstracts. Editor in Chief for ca. 140 volumes of Tectonophysics.
My research has been described in more than 50 articles in Danish newspapers, in four TV programmes, three radio programmes as well as a series of TV and radio news with interviews.

Scientific assessment:

I have been member of assessment committees for 10 positions as professor, 30 Ass. Professor positions, one Dr.Scient thesis and 6 ph.d. theses. Supervisor for 9 Ass. Professors and postdocs, 13 ph.d. students, 58 M.Sc. theses and 26 B.Sc. theses. Reviewer for a range of scientific journals as well as for research councils in Canada (panel member), Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden (panel member), UK and US

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