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22.10.2011: Medical Geochemistry
Prof. Paolo Censi:
I'm interested to carry out researches about reactivity of airborne particles in human lungs. I'd like to improve my published studies about the application of Geochemistry to the evaluation of solid-liquid reactions in human lung fluids

26.05.2011: Iceland, Geotags
COSIS.net :
The COSIS.net team is looking for scientists and/or organizations FROM ICELAND interested in preparing a small conference on "Geotags, augmented reality and publishing" at the Frankfurt Book Fair, October 2011. Iceland is Guest of Honour of the book fair and the conference is planned in co-operation with the icelandic ministry of education.

12.05.2011: corrosion chemistry
Dr. Olusegun Abiola:
partnership in corrosion inhbitors