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Information - GM4.4 Surface and Subsurface Karst Geomorphology

Event Information
Karst landscapes, in which dissolution of bedrock by water is the dominant geomorphic process, characterise almost 20 % of the continents and more than a quarter of the Earth’s population lives on or nearby karst areas. Typical karst topography is essentially related to the subterranean drainage and geomorphology and hydrology are strictly interrelated.
Karst geomorphology is a classic interdisciplinary scientific discipline in which earth scientists, hydrologists, geographers, chemists, biologists, and other scientists can find their way towards a better understanding of the processes involved. Karst and caves develops in many types of rock, including limestone, dolostone, gypsum, salt, quartzite and some others. These rocks, subjected to different climates, assume many morphologies and landforms. Modern techniques and modelling have brought a lot of new insight into karst processes and resulting landforms. Surface and Subsurface karst morphology are a key to understand the nature and the genesis of cave and karst systems. All human activities in karst areas including all kinds of construction, agriculture, fresh water supply, waste disposal – just to mention some – need detailed knowledge about karst systems.
The aim of this session is to bring together researchers dealing with both surface and underground dissolutional and depositional karst features in different climatic and geographical situations.
Innovative contributions are sought on topics from across the whole spectrum of active and past karst geomorphological processes and their resulting landforms.

Preliminary List of Solicited Speakers
Derek Clifford Ford

International Union of Speleology, IGU Karst Commission and Commission of Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis

General Statement
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