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Organizer - ESSI6 Earth System Modeling: Strategies and Software (co-listed in AS, CL & OS)

Main Scientific Organizer/
Budich, R.
MPI for Meteorology
Bundesstr. 53
D-20146 Hamburg
Tel.: +494041173369
Fax: +494041173616
E-mail: reinhard.budich@zmaw.de

Deputy Organizer(s)/
Redler, R.
NEC Laboratories Europe - IT Research Division
NEC Europe Ltd.
Rathausallee 10
53757 Sankt Augustin
Tel.: +49 02241 925240
Fax: 0049 2241 925299
E-mail: redler@it.neclab.eu



Organizing Committee

General Statement
The addresses of the Organizers and Editors are uploaded online directly from their personal COSIS Home Sites, which can be accessed and changed at any time by the persons in question by a login into COSIS at www.cosis.net. It is therefore the responsibility of the Organizers and Editors that their personal information, even their temporary one, is updated and correct at any time.

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