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Suggestion Info - ESSI Earth & Space Science Informatics - ESSI5 Informatics in Oceanography

In view of the Draft Programme I/we would like to suggest the following additions/changes:

Add Session entitled: Biodiversity Informatics

Convener: Last name: Ó Tuama
  First name: Éamonn
  E-mail: eotuama@gbif.org
Co-convener 1: Last name:
  First name:
Co-convener 2: Last name:
  First name:

Session/event description:
The main objective of the Biodiversity Informatics session is to highlight the value of adopting informatics standards for both Biodiversity and Earth and Space Science disciplines, thereby promoting interoperability across heterogeneous systems and, in particular, demonstrating how the kinds of observational data mobilised by the Global Biodiversity Information Facility network can be integrated with other geospatial data types to address issues relating to climate change, protected area management, etc.

Suggested by: Éamonn Ó Tuama, eotuama@gbif.org at: 30.6.2008 16:11

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