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Union Symposia - Papers of Special Interest as Identified by Session/Event Organizers

Area A: Papers which might be of interest to science writers, public information officers and for the press media in general.

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Reader first to open the file.

US4: Reconciling geophysical and geochemical models for the structure and composition of earth's mantle (Submission of Abstracts by Convener's Invitation only, please!)
Abstract Status Scheduled Contributions (Author(s), Title) Name and Email of Contact
EAE03-A-05353 Oral Solicited 30 minutes - Rubie, D.C.; Gessmann, C.K.; Frost, D.J.
A new model for early differentiation and chemical stratification of the Earth's mantle
David Rubie, dave.rubie@uni-bayreuth.de
EAE03-A-06129 Oral Solicited - Trampert, J. ; Resovsky, J. ; Deschamps, F.
A new kind of tomography reveals compositional variations throughout the mantle.
Jeannot Trampert, jeannot@geo.uu.nl
EAE03-A-07731 Oral Solicited - OConnell, R.J.; Kellogg, J.B.; Jacobsen, S.B.
Mantle heterogeneity and geochemical reservoirs
Richard OConnell, oconnell@geophysics.harvard.edu
EAE03-A-07784 Oral Solicited - Badro, J.; Fiquet, G.; Guyot, F.; Vanko, G.; Monaco, G.
High Pressure Geochemistry of Iron: Toward a Deep Lower Mantle Discontinuity
James Badro, james.badro@lmcp.jussieu.fr
EAE03-A-14236 Oral Solicited - Wentzcovitch, R.
Elasticity and wave velocities of MgSi03-perovskite at lower mantle conditions
Renata Wentzcovitch, wentzcov@cems.umn.edu
US1: The Chicxulub crater Scientific Drilling Project: cratering processes and the K/T boundary link (Submission of Abstracts by Convener's Invitation only, please!)
Abstract Status Scheduled Contributions (Author(s), Title) Name and Email of Contact
EAE03-A-04905 Poster - Strauss, H.; Deutsch, A.
The Chicxulub event - sulfur-bearing minerals and lithologies
Alex Deutsch, deutsca@uni-muenster.de
EAE03-A-06498 Oral Solicited 30 minutes - Smit, J; Dressler, B; Buffler, R; Moran, D; Sharpton, B; Stoeffler, D; Urrutia, J; Morgan, J
Stratigraphy of the Yaxcopoil-1 drill hole in the Chicxulub impact crater
Jan Smit, jan.smit@falw.vu.nl
EAE03-A-08621 Oral Solicited - Claeys, Ph
Overview of the Chicxulub impactite and proximal ejecta
Philippe Claeys, phclaeys@vub.ac.be
EAE03-A-09247 Poster - Tagle, R.; Erzinger, J.; Hecht, L.; Stöffler, D.; Schmitt, R.T.; Claeys, P.
Searching for traces of extraterrestrial material in the Chicxulub impactites: Results based on PGE analysis
Lutz Hecht, lutz.hecht@museum.hu-berlin.de
EAE03-A-14220 Oral Solicited - Morgan, J.V.
Structure of the Chicxulub crater: Where do we stand?
Joanna V. Morgan, j.morgan@ic.ac.uk
EAE03-A-14413 Poster - Goto, K.; Tada, R.; Bralower, T.; Tajika, E.; Matsui, T.
Probability of marine invasion into the chicxulub crater and consequent generation of large tsunamis
Goto Kazuhisa, goto@sys.eps.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp
EAE03-A-14415 Oral Solicited - Keller, G.; Adatte, T.; Stinnesbeck, W. ; Stueben, D.; Kramar, U.; Harting, M.
The KT transition at Yaxcopoil-1 drillhole
Gerta Keller, gkeller@princeton.edu

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