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Geodesy - Papers of Special Interest as Identified by Session/Event Organizers

Area A: Papers which might be of interest for science writers, for public information officers and for the press media and which will be forwarded to the Press Officer

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Reader first to open the file.

G1: Reference system stability, accuracy, and the presence of secular or seasonal signals (co-listed in CR & HS)
Abstract Status Scheduled Contributions (Author(s), Title) Name and Email of Contact
EGU05-A-00428 Oral 15 minutes - Iorio, L.
A critical discussion of the recent test of General Relativity with the LAGEOS satellites
Lorenzo Iorio, lorenzo.iorio@libero.it
EGU05-A-03476 Oral 15 minutes - Cox, C.M.; Lemoine, F.G. ; Luthcke, S.B.; Rowlands, D.D.; Chao, B.F.
Interannual and annual variations in the long-wavelength gravity field from GRACE and SLR
Christopher Cox, christopher_m_cox@raytheon.com
EGU05-A-05303 Oral 15 minutes - Chao, B.F.; Rowlands, D.D; Lemoine, F.G.; Luthcke, S.B.; Ray, R.D.; Ma, C.; Beckley, B.; Colombo, O.L.; Cox, C.M.; MacMillan, D.S.; GSFC Mean Sea Level Determination Team
Methodology of improved reference frame to meet the sea level challenge
Frank Lemoine, Frank.Lemoine@gsfc.nasa.gov
G6: Monitoring of the troposphere and ionosphere by space geodetic techniques (co-listed in PS)
Abstract Status Scheduled Contributions (Author(s), Title) Name and Email of Contact
EGU05-A-02331 Poster - Wickert, J.; Beyerle, G.; Schmidt, T.; Grunwaldt, L.; König, R. ; Michalak, G.; Reigber, C.
GPS radio occultation with CHAMP and GRACE: A first look at a new and promising satellite configuration for global atmospheric sounding
Jens Wickert, jens.wickert@gfz-potsdam.de
EGU05-A-02346 Oral 15 minutes - Wickert, J.; Schmidt, T.; Beyerle, G.; Heise, S.; Schöllhammer, K.; Reigber, Ch.
GPS radio occultation with CHAMP: Comparison of vertical refractivity and temperature profiles with radiosonde data
Jens Wickert, jens.wickert@gfz-potsdam.de
EGU05-A-02847 Oral 15 minutes - Krankowski, A.; Schuh, H.; Kosek, W.; Hobiger, Th.; Popinski, W.
Comparison of the Total Electron Content obtained from GPS and VLBI observations
Andrzej Krankowski, kand@uwm.edu.pl
EGU05-A-03362 Oral solicited 15 minutes - Cander, Lj.R.
Recent advances in near real time ionospheric determination by ionosonde data over Europe
Ljiljana Cander, l.cander@rl.ac.uk
EGU05-A-04633 Oral solicited 15 minutes - Vedel, H ; The TOUGH team
Using ground based GPS observations in meteorology - the TOUGH project
Henrik Vedel, hev@dmi.dk
EGU05-A-05351 Oral solicited 15 minutes - Boehm, J.
Troposphere mapping functions for GPS and VLBI from ECMWF data
Johannes Boehm, johannes.boehm@tuwien.ac.at
EGU05-A-05693 Poster - Hulley, G.; Pavlis, E. C.; Mendes, V. B.; Pavlis, D. E.
Improved atmospheric refraction modeling for Satellite Laser Ranging: Model Validation
Erricos Pavlis, epavlis@umbc.edu
EGU05-A-06357 Oral solicited 15 minutes - Jakowski, N.; Stankov, S.; Wilken, V. ; Tsybulya, K. ; Heise, S.
Ionospheric storms monitored by ground and space based GPS techniques
Norbert Jakowski, norbert.jakowski@dlr.de

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