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Dr. Guido Crispi

Dr. Guido Crispi


Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale
Borgo Grotta Gigante 42/c
34010 Sgonico Trieste, Italy

Tel. No.: +390402140392
Fax No.: +390402140266
Email: gcrispi@ogs.trieste.it

Secretary Tel. No.: +3904021401

Department Tel. No.: +3904021401
Department Fax No.: +390402140266


My educationals are:

 - Graduated in Physics University Palermo

My further courses with acknowledgement are:

 - Cambridge English: Preliminary PET Certificate-CEFR Level B1

 - 1980 German Language Universiy Scientific

 - 1979 English Language University Scientific

 - 1981 GNSM: CNR/Structure of Matter School Lecce 

 - 1982 GNFM: CNR/Mathematical Physics School Ravello SA

 - 1989 GNFM: Hydrodynamics and Statistical Physics Ravello SA

School and different informatic courses at ICTP Trieste, IBM Milano and CINECA Bologna.

My Career is outlined under my "Personal Records" and my actual interests are Geophysics, Applications of Physics and Chemistry to Environmental Sciences, Biology and Ecology Systems. 

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Date Publication
31.05.2009 Article: Long-term numerical evolution of the nitrogen bulk content in the Mediterranean Sea
G. Crispi and M. Pacciaroni
Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science, 83, 148-158
05.10.2006 Article: Simulating biomass assimilation in a Mediterranean ecosystem model using SOFA: setup and identical twin experiments
G. Crispi, M. Pacciaroni, and D. Viezzoli
Ocean Science, 2, 123-136
SRef: 1812-0792/os/2006-2-123
19.06.2006 Article: Reduced-order optimal interpolation for biomass assimilation
G. Crispi, M. Pacciaroni, D. Viezzoli
Ocean Science Discussions, 3, 503-539
SRef: 1812-0822/osd/2006-3-503

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Latest Activities


Biogeosciences, Ocean Sciences, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics