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Dr. Ingi Bjarnason

Dr. Ingi Bjarnason


Inst. Earth Science
University of Iceland
Sturlugata 7
101 Reykjavik, Iceland

Department Tel. No.: 00354 5254817


Born: 17. July 1959, Reykjavík, Iceland. Male
E-mail: ingib at hi.is

B.Sc(Hons.) in Geophysics, University of Edinburgh (1983), Edinburgh.
M.S. in Geophysics, University of Utah (1987), Salt Lake City.
Ph.D. in Geophysics, Columbia University (1992), New York City.

Postdoc, Columbia  University, New York City (1992).
Postdoc, Carnegie Institution of Washington, DC (1993-1995).
Research assoc., Science Institute, U. of Iceland (1995-2016).

Research prof., Institute of Earth Sciences, U. of Iceland (2016-present).

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Date Publication
01.04.2015 Article: Earthquake Sequence 1973–1996 in Bárðarbunga Volcano: Seismic Activity Leading up to Eruptions in the NW-Vatnajökull Area
Ingi Þ. Bjarnason
Jökull, 64, 61-82
01.05.2008 Article: An Iceland Hotspot Saga
Ingi Þ. Bjarnason
Jökull, 59, 3-16


Date Contribution
07.05.2020 Abstract: The Great Geysir and tectonic interactions in South Iceland
B.S. Thorbjarnardóttir, I.Th. Bjarnason, R.M. Paramaswran
EGU2020, SM6.5, EGU2020-16388
07.05.2020 Abstract: Interseismic stress field variations in Hjalli-Ölfus, SW Iceland
I.Th. Bjarnason, R.M. Paramaswran, B.S. Thorbjarnardóttir
EGU2020, SM6.5, EGU2020-16388
Oral Programme
04.05.2020 Abstract: Seismic and geodetic response to crustal deformation in Krísuvík volcanic system, southwest Iceland
R.M. Parameswaran, I.Th. Bjarnason, F. Sigmundsson
EGU2020, TS5.1, EGU2020-10569
12.04.2019 Abstract: Ölfus seismicity in Iceland - II: seismic stress inversions and seismotectonic implications
Revathy M. Parameswaran, Ingi Th. Bjarnason, and Bergthóra S. Thorbjarnardóttir
EGU2019, SM6.3, EGU2019-5880
Oral Programme
12.04.2019 Abstract: Ölfus seismicity in Iceland - I: relative seismic relocations and spatio-temporal evolutions
Bergthóra S. Thorbjarnardóttir, Revathy M. Parameswaran, and Ingi Th. Bjarnason
EGU2019, SM6.3, EGU2019-6115
Poster Programme
10.04.2019 Abstract: Absolute and relative location errors in double-difference relative earthquake locations in Southwest Iceland
Ingi Th. Bjarnason and Bergthóra S. Thorbjarnardóttir
EGU General Assembly 2019, SM1.1, EGU2019-16458-1
Oral Programme
12.04.2018 Abstract: Monte Carlo method for coupled earthquake locations and 1D velocity structure determination: ‘Minimum’ models with constant velocity gradient layers
Einar Kjartansson and Ingi Thorleifur Bjarnason
EGU2018, SM4.01, EGU2018-19807
Poster Programme
12.04.2018 Poster: Stability of the double-difference earthquake location method with respect to input parameters and data sub-sampling in South Iceland
I.Th. Bjarnason, B.S. Thorbjarnardóttir
Poster Programme
27.04.2017 Poster: Investigation of temporal and lateral variations of seismic velocities insouth Iceland using ray tracing
E.Kjartansson and I.Th. Bjarnason
26.04.2017 Abstract: In situ seismic velocity changes in Southern Iceland
Ingi Th. Bjarnason, William Menke, Bergþóra S. Þorbjarnardóttir, Einar Kjartansson, and Gunnar Guðmundsson
EGU2017, SM1.1, EGU2017-15334
26.04.2017 Abstract: Double-difference relocation of earthquakes in South Iceland
B.S. Thorbjarnardóttir, I.Th. Bjarnason and R. Stefánsson
EGU2017, SM5.10, EGU2017-15976

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Latest Activities


Geophysics, Tectonics, Seismology, Plumes, Tomography, Iceland, crustal processes, Earthquake, Earthquake Hazards, Seismicity, focal mechanism, lithosphere, asthenosphere, Lithospheric mantle, hot spot, seismic velocity, human rights, projection onto convex sets