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Dr. Maria Ananicheva (Russian Federation)

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Date Publication
12.05.2011 Article: Assessment of glacier change in the Byrranga Mountains from satellite images and the Glacier Inventory of the USSR
M. D. Ananicheva, G.A. Kapustin
Ice and Snow, 3, 2010, 19-27
V. V. Vinogradova, M. D. Ananicheva
Problems of environmental monitoring and projection of ecosystems., XXIII, Moscow, 2010, 194-215
12.05.2011 Article: The Northeast Asia mountain glaciers in the near future by AOGCM scenarios
M. Ananicheva, Krenke A.N., Barry R.G.
The Cryosphere, 2010, 4, 435-445
30.04.2010 Article: Glacier changes in Suntar-Khayata mountains and Chersky Range from the Glacier Inventory of the USSR and satellite images 2001-2003.
M. Ananicheva at al
Data of glaciologic studies, Moscow, 101, 2006, 163-169
30.04.2010 Article: A in the Suntar-Khayata Range, North-East Siberia
Maria D. Ananicheva, Michael M. Koreisha and Shuhei Takahashi
Bulletin of Glaciological Research, Japan, 22, 2005, 9-17
30.04.2010 Article: Evolution of Climatic Snow Line and Equilibrium Line Altitudes- North-Eastern Siberia Mountains in the 20th Century.
M. Ananicheva
The WCRP Climate and Cryosphere Newsletter, N 6, July 2005, 1-6.
30.04.2010 Book: Stability of life on Earth
Kondratiev K.Ya., Losev K.S, Ananicheva M.D., Chesnokova I.V.
Springer- Praxis. 2004 – 165 pp.
ISBN: 978-3540203285
30.04.2010 Article: Glaciers of northern massif of Suntar-Khayata Mountains: changes since the International Geophysical Year
M. Ananicheva at al
Data of glaciological studies, 95, 2003, 77-86
30.04.2010 Article: Climate change in North-East of Siberia in the last hundred years and recession of Suntar-Khayata glaciers
Ananicheva M.D., Davidovich N.V., J-L. Mercier
Data of glaciological studies, Moscow, 94, 2003, 216-225
30.04.2010 Article: Elementary structure units in ecology and landscape science.
Kondratiev K.Ya., Losev K.S, Ananicheva M.D., Chesnokova I.V.
The Russian Academy of Sciences Reports, V. 380, №1, 136 -137
30.04.2010 Article: Northern Eurasia response on global climate change
M. Ananicheva, N. Davidovich, Yu. Kononov
Mem. Nat. Inst. Polar Res., Spec. Tolyo, Japan, 2001, 54
30.04.2010 Article: Tendencies of the Ecotourism Change under the New Social-economic Realities in Russia in the example of Siberia ecotourism development
M. Ananicheva and Y.Kononov
Conditions of the foreign tourism development in Central and Eastern Europe. University of Wroclaw, 2000, 6, 225-239
30.04.2010 Book: Ecological problems of Russia and adjacent territories
M. Ananicheva and K. Losev
Moscow: “Noosphere”. 2000, 283 pp.
30.04.2010 Article: Recent Greenhouse Gas Emission and Climatic Trends: A comparison of Russia with other countries
M. Ananicheva and K. Losev
Environmental Change, Adaptation, and security. S. C. Lonergan (ed.) -. Kluwer Academic Publishers. 1999, 195-199
30.04.2010 Article: Landmass and water ecosystem disturbance in Russia and its European neighbors: a comparison
M. Ananicheva and K. Losev
Data sharing for International Water Resources Management: Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS. Proceedings, T. Naff (ed.) Kluwer Academic Publishers, p.61-67
30.04.2010 Article: Prediction of possible changes in glacio-hydrological characteristics under global warming: south-eastern Alaska
M. Ananicheva
Journal of Glaciology, 42(142) 1996, 407-412
30.04.2010 Article: Assessment of mountain glaciations response on global warming.
M. Ananicheva and N Davidovich
Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Rossii (Proceedings of The Russian Academy of Sciences). Geography series,, 6, 1998, 76-86
30.04.2010 Article: The estimation of mountain glaciers balance in the Holocene Optimum (the example of Central Caucasus)
M. Ananicheva and N Davidovich
Data of glaciological studies, Moscow, 87, 124-130
30.04.2010 Article: The millennium dynamics of Polar Ural glaciers by high resolution reconstruction of glacier mass balance.
Yuriy M. Kononov, Maria D. Ananicheva and Ian C. Willis
Annals of Glaciology, 42, 2005, 163-171
30.04.2010 Book: Mountain glaciation (by the example of NorthEast of Siberia and Kamchatka) in the Chapter "Glaciation and snow cover in North Eurasia in immediate future. in: Glaciation in North Eurasia in the Recent Past and Immediate Future.
M. Ananicheva and A.Krenke
Ed. V.M. Kotlyakov. Moscow, "Nauka" , 2007, 277-293
30.04.2010 Book: Evolution of fields of the glaciological parameters at glacier systems in the North-East Siberia. in: Changes of natural environment and climate: natural and possible consequent human-induced catastrophes. Vol., Part 2. Natural processes in polar regions.
M. Ananicheva and A.Krenke
IG RAS Publishing, Moscow, 2008 pp. 125-133
30.04.2010 Article: Glaciological characteristics' spatial patterns for ECHAM4 climatic scenario: the Northeastern Siberia and Kamchatka
M. Ananicheva
Data of glaciologic studies, Moscow, 107, 2009, 81-87


Date Contribution
12.05.2011 Abstract: Mountain glacier change in Russian Arctic: new assessments
M. Ananicheva
Climate Change and Pollution 20th AMAP Anniversary & University of Copenhagen Arctic Conference , May 2011, Cryspere, the chair Barry Goodison
12.05.2011 Abstract: The Koryak Upland glaciers change: new data after 60 years
M. Ananicheva
Global Change and the World’s Mountains Perth, Scotland, UK, 26-30 September 2010, Cryospere, the chair Prof. Maevsky

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