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Dr. Théophile Ndougsa-Mbarga (Cameroon)

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Date Publication
05.2012 Article: Aeromagnetic Data Interpretation to Locate Buried Faults in South-
T. Ndougsa-Mbarga , A.N.S Feumoe, E. Manguelle-Dicoum & J.D. Fairhead
Geophysica, 47(1-2), 47-61
2012 Article: Filtering of gravity and magnetic anomalies using the finite element approach (fea)
T. Ndougsa-Mbarga, M. Bikoro-Bi-Alou, T.C. Tabod and K. Kant-Sharma
Journal of Indian Geophysical Union, vol 16(2), In press
2011 Article: Audiomagnetotellurics (AMT) soundings based on the Bostick approach and evidence of tectonic features along the northern edge of the Congo Craton, in the Messamena/Abong-Mbang area (Cameroon).
T. Ndougsa-Mbarga, A. Meying, D. Bisso, D. Y. Layu, K. K. Sharma and E. Manguelle-Dicoum
Journal of Indian Geophysical union, vol 15(3), 145-159
05.2010 Article: The Awaé – Ayos strike-slip shear zones (southern Cameroon):
Jean Bosco Olinga, Jean Engelbert Mpesse, T. Ndougsa Mbarga, Dieudonné Minyem,
N. Jb. Geol. Paläont. Abh. 257/1,, 257/1,, 1–11
2010 Article: The structure of the Goulfey-Tourba sedimentary basin
J. J. Nguimbous-Kouoh1*, T. Ndougsa-Mbarga2*, P. Njandjock-Nouck1, A. Eyike3, J. O. Campos-Enriquez4 and E. Manguelle-Dicoum1
Geofísica Internacional, 49 (4),, 181-193
10.2009 Article: Evidence of fractures from the image of the subsurface
A. Meying1, T. Ndougsa-Mbarga2* and E. Manguelle-Dicoum1
Journal of Geology and Mining Research, Vol. 1(8), 159-171
2007 Article: Evaluation of the marble deposits in the Moulvouday-Kaélé area, from a 2D geoelectrical modelling
Ndougsa Mbarga, T, Meying,A,
European Geosciences Union, Geophysical Research Expanded Abstracts, vol., 9, 00017
2007 Article: Integration of the finite element approach (fea) in gravity processing for a qualitative evaluation of the solid mineral potentialities over the Congo Craton belt in Cameroon and Southwest Central African Republic
Ndougsa Mbarga, T, Manguelle-Dicoum, E., K.K. Sharma
European Geosciences Union, Geophysical Research Expanded Abstracts, vol., 9, 00015
2007 Article: Gravity anomalies, sub-surface structure and oil and gas
Théophile Ndougsa-Mbarga1*, Eliezer Manguelle-Dicoum2, José-Oscar Campos-Enriquez3 and Quentin
Geofísica Internacional, Vol. 46, Num. 2,, pp. 129-139
2006 Article: Spectral analysis and gravity modelling in the Yagoua, Cameroon,
Philippe Njandjock Nouck1, 3*, Eliezer Manguelle-Dicoum1, Théophile Ndougsa-Mbarga2 and Tabod
Geofísica Internacional, Vol. 45, Num. 2,, pp. 209-215
2004 Article: Gravity modelling along the northern margin of the Congo Craton, South Cameroon
Tadjou, J.M., Manguelle-Dicoum, E., Tabod, C.T., Kamguia, J., Nouayou, R., Njandjock Nouck, P. and Ndougsa Mbarga, T.,
Journal of the Cameroon Academy of Sciences, vol. 4(1),, 51-60.
2004 Article: Geophysical determination of the sanaga fault using audio-magnetotelluric soundings in the Ebebda region, Cameroon
D. Bisso,E Manguelle-Dicoum,T. Ndougsa-Mbarga, CT Tabod, N P Njandjock, N Njingti, J M Tadjou, J Essono
Segmite international, A Journal of Resource, Industrial and Environmental Geology, Vol. 1(1), 31-34
2004 Article: Geophysical evaluation based on gravity data of the Mamfe basin, South west Cameroon
T. Ndougsa-Mbarga, E Manguelle-Dicoum, D Bisso, N Njinti
Segmite international, a Journal of Resource, Industrial and Environmental Geology, Vol. 1(1), 15-20
2003 Article: A Turbo Pascal 7.0 program to fit a polynomial of any order to potential field anomalies based on the analytic least squares method
Njandjock, N.P., Kande, H.L., Manguelle-Dicoum, E., Tabod, C.T., Ndougsa Mbarga, T., and Marcel, J.,
African Journal of Science and Technology, Science & Engineering Series, Vol.4 (2),, 1-4.
2003 Article: Modélisation d'anomalies gravimétriques dans la région de Mengueme-Akonolinga (Cameroun).
Ndougsa Mbarga, T., Manguelle-Dicoum, E., Tabod, C. T., and Mbom Abane, S.,
Sciences, Technologies et Développement, Revue scientifique de l’Université de Douala, vol. 10(1),, 67-74.

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