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Dr. Rafael Bartolomé (Spain)

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Date Publication
2011 Article: Imaging the seismic crustal structure of the western Mexican margin between 19ºN and 21ºN
R. Bartolomé, Dañobeitia, JJ, Michaud, F., Córdoba, D., Delgado-Argote, L
Pure and Applied Geophysics, 168, 1373-1389
2009 Article: Multiscale seismic imaging of active faults at sea
R. Bartolomé,Lo Iacono, Cl., Eulàlia Gràcia
Sea Technology, 50, 10-14
2009 Article: Tectonic shortening and gravitational spreading in the Gulf of Cadiz accretionary wedge: observations from multi-beam bathymetry and seismic profiling
Gutscher, M.-A., Dominguez, S., Westbrook, G., Gente, P., Babonneau, N., Mulder, T., Gonthier E., Bartolome, R., Luis, J., Rosas, F., Terrinha, P., and the Delila and DelSis Scientific Teams
Marine and Petroleum Geology, 26, 647-659
2005 Article: Mode of extension and rifting history of Upper Tiburón and Upper Delfín basins, Northern Gulf of California.
Gonzalez-Fernandez A., Dañobeitia, J.J., Delgado-Argote, L., Michaud, F., Córdoba, D., Bartolomé, R.
Journal of Geophysical Research, 110
2005 Article: Using the OBS wide-angle reflection/refraction velocities to perform a pre-stack depth migration image of the “single bubble” multichannel seismic: example of the Moroccan margin
R. Bartolomé, Contrucci, I., Nouzé, H., Thiebot, E., Klingelhöfer, F.
Journal of Applied Geophysics, 57, 107-118
2005 Article: Low heat flow from young oceanic lithosphere at the Middle America Trench off Mexico
Minshull, T., Bartolomé, R., Byrne, S., Dañobeitia, J.J
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 239, 33-41
2004 Article: The crustal structure of the NW-Moroccan Continental Margin for Wide-angle and Reflection Seismic Data
Contrucci, I., Klingelhöfer, F., Perrot, J., Bartolomé, R., Gutscher, M.A., Sahabi, M., Malod, J., Rehault, J.P
Geophysical Journal International, 159 (1), 117-128
2003 Article: Crustal architecture and Tectonic Evolution of the Gulf of Cadiz (SW Iberian Margin) at the convergence of the Eurasian and African Plates
Gràcia, E., Dañobeitia, J.J., Verges, J., Bartolomé, R., Cordoba, D.
Tectonics, 22, 1033