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Yaroslav Bondarenko (Ukraine)

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Date Publication
2001 Conference Proceedings: The Multifactor Predictive SEIS (GIS) Model of ecological, genetical and population health risk in connection with dangerous bio-geodynamical processes in geopathogenic hazard zones
J. J. Bondarenko
2001 Conference Proceedings: Risk analysis, sinthesis and Spiritual Energy-Information Structure Modeling "SEISM" to reveal environmental perspectives for isolation of radioactive and hazardous chemical wastes
J. J. Bondarenko
2001 Conference Proceedings: New approaches to the problem of geoecological risk for urbanized territories
Zayonts I. O., Bondarenko J. J., Slipchenko B., Lysychenko G. V.,
2000 Conference Proceedings: Spiritual and Moral aspects of Sustainable Development Theory
Kolotenko V. P. Bondarenko J. J.
1998 Conference Proceedings: Complexation of Structural Geodynamic and Hydro-Geological Methods of Studying Areas to Reveal Geological Structural Perspectives for Deep Isolation of Radioactive Wastes
Shestopalov V.M., Bondarenko Ya. I., Zayonts I. O., Rudenko Yu. F., Boguslavsky A. S.,
1997 Conference Proceedings: Drawing up Cosmophotomaps and Multifactor Forecasting of Hazard Development of Dangerous Geodynamic Processes in Dnepropetrovsk //
J. J. Bondarenko
1997 Conference Proceedings: The Methodology of a Valuation of Quality of the Ground and the Realty, Level of the Ecology-Genotoxic Risk for Humans Health based of Multilayer Cartographical Model
J. J. Bondarenko
1996 Conference Proceedings: Geodynamics, Plutonic Constitution, Petrology, Archey Formation (On an Example of the Ukrainian Board)
Bondarenko J. J., Buharev S. V.


Date Contribution
27.12.2011 Abstract: Validation Certificat of “4D GeoSEIS Tomography” Method for multifactor volumetric structural-geodynamic modeling of physical fields and : mapping of underground volume distribution of cavities, old underground workings (mined-out areas) and active geodynamic zones, concentrations of stresses and strains on the test site at the eastern edge of the Open Pit №1, PAO “CGOK”
Y. Bondarenko
Validation Certificat for “4D GeoSEIS Tomography” Method, “4D GeoSEIS Tomography” Method & Technology

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