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Dr. Manhal Sirat (United Arab Emirates)

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Date Publication
2010 Article: Vein Calcite in Cretaceous Carbonate Reservoirs of Abu Dhabi: Record of Origin of Fluids and Diagenetic Conditions
S. Morad, I. Al-Aasam, M. Sirat and M.M. Sattar
J. Geochemical Exploration, 106, 156–170
2009 Article: Hydrothermal alteration of plagioclase in granitic rocks from Proterozoic basement of SE Sweden
S. Morad, M.A.K. El-Ghali, M. Sirat, K. Al-Ramadan and H. Mansurbeg
Geological Journal, 44, 1–15
2009 Article: Distribution of diagenetic alterations within depositional facies and sequence stratigraphic framework of fluvial sandstones: Evidence from the Petrohan Terrigenous Group, Lower Triassic, NW Bulgaria.
M.A.K. El-Ghali, S. Morad, H. Mansurbeg, M.A. Caja, G. Ajdanlijsky, N. Ogle, I. Al-Aasm and M. Sirat
Marine and Petroleum Geology, 26, 1212–1227
2009 Article: Integrated gravity and seismic investigation over the Jabal Hafit structure: Implications for basement configuration of the frontal fold and thrust belt of the Northern Oman Mountains
M.Y. Ali, M. Sirat and J. Small
Journal of Petroleum Geology, Vol. 32(1),, 1–18
2009 Article: Diagenetic alterations related to marine transgression and regression in fluvial and shallow marine sandstones of the Triassic Buntsandstein and Keuper sequence, the Paris Basin, France
M.A.K. El-ghali, S. Morad, H. Mansurbeg, M.A. Caja, M. Sirat and N. Ogle
Marine and Petroleum Geology, 26, 289–309
2008 Article: Geophysical investigation of Al Jaww plain, eastern Abu Dhabi: Implications for structure and evolution of the frontal fold belts of Oman Mountains.
M.Y. Ali, M. Sirat and J. Small
GeoArabia, 13, No. 2., 91–118
2007 Article: Fracturing Mechanism and Fracture Systems Analysis of Fractured Carbonate Reservoir from Abu Dhabi–UAE
M. Sirat, M.S. Salman and S. Bellah
SPE, 111397, 1–9
2004 Article: Applying artificial neural networks to predict Quaternary paleoclimate from the Arctic Ocean Sediments
M. Sirat and A. Aladahan
Mitteilungen zur Ingeniergeologie und Hydrogeologie, 88, 27–43
2004 Article: Block Tilting at the Äspö HRL, SE-Sweden; Structural and Neural Networks Analyses
M. Sirat
Mitteilungen zur Ingeniergeologie und Hydrogeologie, 88, 45–80
2001 Article: Stress Control of Hydraulic Conductivity in Fracture-Saturated Swedish Bedrock
C.J. Talbot and M. Sirat
Engineering Geology, 61, 145–153
2001 Article: of Artificial Neural Networks to Fracture Analysis at the Äspö HRL, SE-Sweden: Fracture Sets Classification
M. Sirat and C.J.Talbot
Int. J. Rock Mech. Min. Sci., 38, 621–639
1999 Book: Structural and Neural Network Analyses of Fracture Systems at the Äspö Hard Rock laboratory, SE Sweden
M. Sirat
Elanders Gotab, Sweden
ISBN: 91-554-4501-2
1982 Book: Structural Studies along Selected Cross-Sections across Butmah West and Permam Dagh Anticlines
M. Sirat
Baghdad University Press

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