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Prof. Vladimir Shishov (Russian Federation)

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Date Publication
25.07.2010 Book Section: Dendroclimatological evidence of climate changes across Siberia.
Shishov V.V., Vaganov E.A.
DOI: 10.1007/978-90-481-8641-9
ISBN: 978-90-481-8640-2
28.11.2007 Article: Trends in recent Temperature and Radial Tree Growth spanning 2000 years across Northwest Eurasia.
Briffa K.R., Shishov V.V., Melvin T.M., Vaganov E.A., Grudd H., Hantemirov R.M., Eronen M., Naurzbaev M.M.
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London Series B-Biological Sciences, 363, 2271–2284
DOI: 10.1098/rstb.2007.2199
20.08.2007 Article: Regional features of the radial growth of larch in north central Siberia according to millennial tree-ring chronologies
Sidorova O.V., Vaganov E.A., Naurzbaev M.M., Shishov V.V. and Hughes M.K
Russian Journal of Ecology, 38 (2), 90-93
DOI: 10.1134/S106741360702004X
10.05.2007 Book Section: The concordance analysis in tree-ring growth based on super long-term tree-ring chronologies the north of Eurasia
Shishov V.V., Briffa K.R., Melvin T.M, Naurzbaev M.M.
10.01.2004 Article: The forecast of seasonal precipitation trend at the north Helan Mountain and Baiyinaobao regions, Inner Mongolia for the next 20 years
Liu Yu, V. Shishov, Shi Jiangfeng, E. Vaganov, SUN Junyan, CAI Qiufang, I. Djanseitov, An Zhisheng
Chinese Science Bulletin, 49(4), 410-415
10.01.2004 Article: Reconstruction of May-July precipitation in the north Helan Mountain, Inner Mongolia since A.D. 1726 from tree-ring late-wood widths
Liu Yu, Shi Jiangfeng, V. Shishov, E. Vaganov, Yang Yinke, Cai Qiufang, Wang Lei, Sun Junyan, Louri Djanseitov
Chinese Science Bulletin, 49, 405-409
10.11.2002 Article: Spatial variations in the annual tree-ring growth in Siberia in the past century
Shishov V.V., Vaganov E.A., Hughes M.K., Koretz M.A.
Doklady Earth Sciences, 387A (9), 1088-1091
SRef: ISSN: 1028-334X
20.03.2000 Article: Statistical relations between El Nino Intensity and summer temperature in the Subarctic region of Siberia
Shishov V.V
Doklady Earth Sciences, 375A (9), 1450–1453
SRef: 395AX
10.02.2000 Article: Long-tem climatic changes in the arctic region of Northern Hemisphere
Vaganov E.A., Briffa K.A., Naurzbaev M.M., Schweingruber F.H., Shiyatov S.G., Shishov V.V
Doklady Earth Sciences, 375 (8), 1314-1317
20.06.1996 Article: Spatial-temporal variation of radial tree growth in relation to climate in the north of Middle Siberia
Panushkina I.P., Vaganov E.A., Shishov V.V.
Dendrochronologia, 14, 115-126

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