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Dr. Dolores Maravilla (Mexico)

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Date Publication
2010 Article: The electrical effects of micrometeoroids entering the terrestrial atmosphere at different speeds
D. A. Mendis and Maravilla D
Journal of Plasma Physics, 76, parts 3 & 4, 297-303., 297-303
2009 Article: A note on the altitude profiles of the electron production in the atmosphere by micrometeoroids entering it at different initial speeds
D. A. Mendis and Maravilla D
Geophysical Research Letters, 36, L22804
2008 Article: How can a gravitacional stochastic field affect the dynamics of neutral dust particles in Saturn´s ring system?
E. Martínez-Gómez and D. Maravilla
European Planetary Science Congress (EPSC), 3, A00041
2008 Article: Energization regions at Saturn’s E-ring
D. Maravilla and E. Martínez-Gómez
European Planetary Science Congress (EPSC), 3,, A00040
2008 Article: Minimum Extreme Temperature in the Gulf of Mexico: Is there a Connection with Solar Activity?
Maravilla D., Mendoza B., and Jáuregui E.,
Advances in Space Research, 42, 1593-1600
2006 Article: Main periodicities of the minimum temperature of three stations near the Mexican Pacific coast
Mendoza B., Maravilla D. and Jáuregui E
Atmosfera, 19(1), 9-22
2005 Article: Possible sources of the Saturnian dust streams
Maravilla D. and Flandes A
Geophysical Research Letters, 32-L06202, 1-4
2004 Article: Dust escape mechanism from Io
A. Flandes and D. Maravilla
Advances in Space Research, 34/1, 2251-2255
2004 Article: The main periodicities in the minimum extreme temperature in northern México and their relation with solar variability
Maravilla D., Mendoza B., Jáuregui E. And Lara A.
Advances in Space Research, 34/2, 365-369
2004 Article: Heliospheric consequences of solar activity in geophysical and interplanetary phenomena,
Valdes-Galicia J. F., Lara A. and Maravilla D.
Geofísica Internacional, 43-2, 251
2003 Article: Fractality of monthly extreme minimum temperature
Valdez-Cepeda R. D., Hernández-Ramirez D., Mendoza B., Valdes-Galicia J. and Maravilla D
Fractals, 11-2, 137-144
2003 Article: analysis results for sudden storm commencements 1868-1996
Mendoza B., Valdés-Galicia J. F., Maravilla D. and Lara A
Advances in Space Research, 31-4, 1075-1079
2002 Article: Some recent developments in gravitoelectrodynamics of charged dust in cosmic environments
Maravilla D.
Advances in Space Research, 29, 1307
2002 Article: Dust particles dynamics in the solar ring
Maravilla D.
Advances in Space Research, 29, 1265
2001 Book: On the fractality of monthly minimum temperature
Valdez-Cepeda R. D., Hernández-Ramirez D., Mendoza B., Valdes-Galicia J. And Maravilla D
World Scientific Publishing Co.
2001 Article: An analysis of polar coronal hole evolution: Relations to other solar phenomena and heliospheric consequences
Maravilla D., Lara A., Valdes-Galicia J. F. and Mendoza B
Solar Physics, 203, 27
2001 Article: Temperature Variability in Central Mexico and its possible association to solar activity
Mendoza B., Lara A., Maravilla D. and Jauregui E.
Journal of Atmospherical Solar Terrestrial Physics, 63, 1891
2000 Article: The Solar Dust Ring
Maravilla D.
Geofísica Internacional, 39, 47
1999 Article: The Dynamics of Dust Particles Near the Sun
Maravilla D
Geofisica Internacional, 38, 185
1999 Article: Magnetic Flux Emergence and Geomagnetic Activity, a Close Correlation
B., Lara A., Maravilla D. and Valdes-Galicia J
Solar Physics, 112, 23
1998 Article: Electrostatic Spatially Limited Solitons in a Magnetised Dusty Plasma
Kotsarenko N, Koshevaya S., Stewart G and Maravilla D.
Planet and Space Science, 46, 429-433
1996 Book Section: The regions of confinement of charged dust injected into the terrestrial magnetosphere
D. Maravilla, K R Flammer y D A Mendis