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Dr. Andy Ridgwell (United Kingdom)

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Date Publication
10.07.2007 Article: Application of sediment core modelling to interpreting the glacial-interglacial record of Southern Ocean silica cycling
A. Ridgwell
Climate of the Past, 3, 387-396
SRef: 1814-9332/cp/2007-3-387
06.07.2007 Article: Assessing the potential long-term increase of oceanic fossil fuel CO2 uptake due to CO2-calcification feedback
A. Ridgwell, I. Zondervan, J. C. Hargreaves, J. Bijma, and T. M. Lenton
Biogeosciences, 4, 481-492
SRef: 1726-4189/bg/2007-4-481
25.01.2007 Article: Marine geochemical data assimilation in an efficient Earth System Model of global biogeochemical cycling
A. Ridgwell, J. C. Hargreaves, N. R. Edwards, J. D. Annan, T. M. Lenton, R. Marsh, A. Yool, and A. Watson
Biogeosciences, 4, 87-104
SRef: 1726-4189/bg/2007-4-87
20.12.2006 Article: Application of sediment core modelling to understanding climates of the past: An example from glacial-interglacial changes in Southern Ocean silica cycling
A. Ridgwell
Climate of the Past Discussions, 2, 1371-1386
SRef: 1814-9359/cpd/2006-2-1371
13.11.2006 Article: Significant long-term increase of fossil fuel CO2 uptake from reduced marine calcification
A. Ridgwell, I. Zondervan, J. C. Hargreaves, J. Bijma, T. M. Lenton
Biogeosciences Discussions, 3, 1763-1780
SRef: 1810-6285/bgd/2006-3-1763