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Simon Goring (United States)

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Latest Blog Posts

  • 26.10.2016: A Hiatus of Sorts

    There was a time when I aspired to post weekly, and then bi-weekly, maybe once a month, and now. . . very little. That’s not to say I haven’t been busy.  I’ve moved a lot of content over to a research website at http://goring.org, with a nice picture of the Wicked Witch of the East … Continue reading A Hiatus of Sorts
    Source: downwithtime

  • 02.04.2016: Who is a Scientist – Reflections on #AAG2016

    This is the first time I’ve really been to the American Association of Geographers meeting. Last year it was held in Chicago, which is really close to Madison, and I was invited to speak at a session called “The View from the Anthropocene” organized by two great Geographers from the University of Connecticut, Kate Johnson … Continue reading Who is a Scientist – Reflections on #AAG2016
    Source: downwithtime

  • 20.02.2016: Semantics Shememantics

    In science we work, more often than not, in teams.  Whether we work with one other individual, five individuals, or interact at workshops with hundreds of strangers, it’s important that we are clearly understood.  Clarity is critical, especially when explaining complex concepts.  KISS is my second favorite acronym, even if I can’t keep to the … Continue reading Semantics Shememantics
    Source: downwithtime

  • 08.12.2015: See you at #AGU2015

    I’m heading to AGU early this year, part of the Neotoma Annual Meeting at Berkeley.  We’ve recently been awarded an NSF EarthCube Integrated Activities award to harmonize Neotoma and the Paleobiology Database (and other allied paleobiological archives), but we’ve also made some big gains in working with allied Plio-Pleistocene databases and researchers across the globe in … Continue reading See you at #AGU2015
    Source: downwithtime

  • 06.11.2015: The interdisciplinary study of organic walled microfossils: A ramble.

    It’s no secret to members of the Canadian Association of Palynologists (join now!) that the study of organic-walled microfossils is the most interesting branch of science, but it may come as a surprise to some of our colleagues. The thing is, our colleagues all have their own opinions. If they’re in biology departments they probably … Continue reading The interdisciplinary study of organic walled microfossils: A ramble.
    Source: downwithtime

  • 16.10.2015: Helping to fill the cloud from the bottom up.

    Open data in the sciences is an aspirational goal, and one that I wholeheartedly agree with. The efforts of EarthCube (among others) to build an infrastructure of tools to help facilitate data curation and discovery in the Earth Sciences have been fundamental in moving this discussion forward in the geosciences, and at the most recent … Continue reading Helping to fill the cloud from the bottom up.
    Source: downwithtime

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