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Dr. Anatoli Kamshilin

Dr. Anatoli Kamshilin


Russian Academy of Sciences
Institute of Physics of the EarthEa
Bolshaya Gruzinskaya
123995 Moscow, Russian Federation

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Date Publication
07.07.2008 Conference Proceedings: On study of the geodynamic processes by geoelectrical methods
A. Kamshilin, E. Volkova , V. Leontiev, O. Kuzichkin
ISBN: Proceedings of the iEMSs Fourth Biennial Meeting. 7-10 July 2008/ Vol. 3. P. 1406-1413 Published by the International Environmental Modelling and Software Society (iEMSs)
02.2004 Article: Self-oscillations in rocks, results of laboratory experiments
1. Kamshilin A.N., Volkova E.N., Kuzichkin O.R., Sokolnikov M.A
Annals of geophysics, V. 47,N.1,, 93-100
04.2002 Article: Possibilities of geoelectrical and seismo-electrical monitoring in investigations of the karst phenomena
Bogolubov A.N., Kamshilin A.N. and Volkova E.N
Environmental Geology, V 41 N7, 760-764

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Geosciences, Natural Hazards Monitoring, Nonlinear Processes, Auto-oscillations in rocks, Seismoelectrician, geoelectric methods