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Dr. David Stewart (United Kingdom)

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Date Publication
2010 Article: Atmospheric Composition of West Africa; highlights from the AMMA campaign
C. Mari, C.E. Reeves, K.S. Law, G. Ancellet, L. Andres-Hernandez, B. Barrett, J. Bechara, A. Borbon, I. Bourar, F. Cairo, R. COmmane, C. Delon, M.J. Evans, F. Fierli, C. Floquet, C. Galy-Lacaux, D.E. heard, C.D. Homan, T. Ingham, N. Larsen, A.C. Lewis, C. Liousse, J.G. Murphy, E. Orlandi, D.E. Oram, M. Saunois, D. Serca, D.J. Stewart, D. Stone, V. Thouret, P. van Velthoven, J.E. Williams
Submitted to Atmospheric Science Letters
2010 Article: Cross-hemispheric transport of central African biomass burning pollutants: implications for downwind ozone production
E. Real, E. Orlandi, K.S. Law, F. Fierli, D. Josset, F. Cairo, H. Schalger, S. Borrmann, D. Kunkel, M. Volk, J.B. McQuaid, D.J. Stewart, J. Lee, A. Lewis, J.R. Hopkins, F. Ravegnani, A. Ulanovski and C. Liousse
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 10, 3027-3046
2009 Article: Can a global model chemical mechanism reproduce NO, NO2 and O3 measurements above a tropical rainforest?
R.C. Pike, J.D. Lee, P.J. Young, S. Moller, G.D. Carver, X. Yang, P. Misztal, B. Langford, D. Stewart, C.E. Reeves, C.N. Hewitt and J.A. Pyle
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 9, 27611-27648
2009 Article: Peroxy radicals and ozone photochemistry in air masses undergoing long-range transport
A.E. Parker, P.S. Monks, M.J. Jacob, S.A. Penkett, A.C. Lewis, D.J. Stewart, L.K. Whalley, J. Methven and A. Stohl
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 9, 18793-18838
2009 Article: Nitrogen management is essential to prevent tropical oil plantations from causing ozone pollution
C.N. Hewitt, A.R. MacKenzie, P. Di Carlo, C. Di Marco, J.R. Dorsey, M. Evans, D. Fowler, M.W. Gallagher, J.R. Hopkins, C.E. Jones, B. Langford, J.D. Lee, A.C. Lewis, S.F. Lim, J. McQuaid, P. Misztal, S.J. Moller, P.S. Monks, E. Nemitz, D.E. Oram, S.M. Owen, G. Phillips, T. Pugh, J.A. Pyle, C.E. Reeves, J. Ryder, J. Siong, U. Skiba and D.J. Stewart
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 106, 18447-18451
DOI: 10.1073/pnas/0907541106
2009 Article: Factors controlling the distribution of ozone in the West African lower troposphere during the AMMA (African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis) wet season campaign
M. Saunois, C.E. Reeves, C. Mari, J.G. Murphy, D.J. Stewart, G.P. Mills and D.E. Oram
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 9, 6135-6155
2009 Article: Direct estimates of anthropogenic emission fluxes from Lagos, Nigeria
James R. Hopkins, Mathew J. Evans, James D. Lee, Alastair C. Lewis, J.H. Marsham, Douglas Parker, David J. Stewart, Claire E. Reeves, G. Capes, Hugh Coe and Ruth M. Purvis
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 9, 8471-8477
2008 Article: Biogenic nitrogen oxide emissions from soils: impact on NOx and ozone over West Africa during AMMA (African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis) - Modelling Study
C. Delon, C.E. Reeves, D.J. Stewart, D. Serca, R. Dupont, C. Mari, J.P. Chaboureau and P. Tulet
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 8, 2251-2263
2008 Article: Biogenic nitrogen oxide emissions from soils: impact on NOx and ozone over west Africa during AMMA (African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis: observational study
D. J. Stewart, C. M. Taylor, C. E. Reeves, and J. B. McQuaid
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 8, 2285-2297
SRef: 1680-7324/acp/2008-8-2285
2007 Article: Processes influencing O3 levels in Alaskan forest fire plumes during long range transport over the North Atlantic
E. Real, K.S. Law, B. Wienzierl, M. Fiebig, A. Petzold, O. Wild, J. Methven, S. Arnold, A. Stohl, H. Huntreiser, A. Roiger, H. Schlager, D. Stewart, M. Avery, G. Sachse, E. Browell, R. Ferrare and D. Blake
Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 112, D10S41
DOI: 10.1029/2006JD007576
2007 Article: Forest fire plumes over the North Atlantic: p-TOMCAT model simulations with aircraft and satellite measurements from the ITOP/ICARTT campaign
Peter A. Cook, Nicholas H. Savage, Solene Turquety, Glenn D. Carver, Fiona M. O'Connor, Andreas Heckel, David J. Stewart, Lisa K. Whalley, Alex E. Parker, Hans Schalger, Hanwant B. Singh, Melody A. Avery, Glen Sachse, William Brune, Andreas Richter, John P. Burrows, Ruth Purvis, Alastair C. Lewis, Claire E. Reeves, Paul S. Monks, Oliver Wild, James G. Levine and John A. Pyle
Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 112, D10S43
DOI: 10.1029/2006JD007563
2007 Article: Alkyl nitrates in outflow from North America over the North Atlantic during Intercontinental Transport of Ozone and Precursors 2004
Claire Reeves, Jana Slemr, David E. Oram, David Worton, Stuart A. Penkett, David J . Stewart, Ruth Purvis, Nicola Watson, Jim Hopkins, Alastair C. Lewis, John Methven, Donals R. Blake and Elliot Atlas
Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 112, D10S37
DOI: 10.1029/2006JD007567
2007 Article: Chemical composition observed over the mid-Atlantic and the longevity of pollution signatures far from source regions
A.C. Lewis, N. Watson, M.J. Evans, J. Methven, J.D. Lee, J.R. Hopkins, R.M. Purvis, S.R. Arnold, J.B. McQuaid, L.K. Whalley, M.J. Pilling, D.E. Heard, P.S. Monks, A.E. Parker, C.E. Reeves, D.E. Oram, G. Mills, B.J. Bandy, D. Stewart, H. Coe, P. Williams and J. Crosier
Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 112, D10S39
DOI: 10.1029/2006JD007584
2004 Article: Hydrolysis of N2O5 on sub-micron sodium chloride and sea-salt aerosols
D.J Stewart, P.T. Griffiths and R.A. Cox
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 4, 1381-1388
2003 Article: Hydrolysis of N2O5 on sub-micron mineral salt aersosols
M. Hallquist, D.J. Stewart, S.K. Stevenson and R.A. Cox
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 5, 3453
2003 Article: Intercomparison of aircraft instruments on board the C-130 and Falcon 20 over southern Germany during EXPORT 2000
N. Brough, C. E. Reeves, S. A. Penkett, D.J. Stewart, K. Dewey, J. Kent, H. Barjat, P. S. Monks, H. Ziereis, P. Stock, H. Huntrieser, and H. Schlager
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 3, 2127-2138
2001 Article: The deliquescence of mineral salt aerosols: implications for the hydrolysis of N2O5
D.J Stewart, A.L. Booth, R.G. Hynes and R.A. Cox
Journal of Aerosol Science, 32 S1, S259
2000 Article: Hydrolysis of N2O5 on sub-micron sulphuric acid aerosols
M. Hallquist, D.J. Stewart, J. Baker and R.A. Cox
Journal of Physical Chemistry a, 104, 3984
1999 Article: Laboratory studies of the reactions of chlorine atoms with species of biogenic origin, 3-carene, isoprene, methacrolein and methyl vinyl ketone
C.E. Canosa-Mas, H.R. Hutton-Squire, M.D. King, D.J. Stewart, K.C. Thompson and R.P. Wayne
Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry, 34, 163

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